PFC Exclusive Interview with Tuskegee S Jamar Hornsby



This is David Willemssen of Profootballcentral and I’m joined today with Jamar Hornsby @trendsetta_7  Safety from Tuskegee University. His final year at Tuskegee he had 64 tackles, 42 of which were solo, three interceptions for 89 yards.

David: How are you doing today?

Jamar: Doing Good thanks for having me.

David: How would you describe your time at Tuskegee?

Jamar:Tuskegee was the two of the best years of my life. I just had to worry about football and school. Tuskegee was a great football atmosphere, and we won the championship.

David:What was it like being named a team captain?

Jamar: It showed the team believed in me. Showed that I’ve matured. Made me ready for the next level.

David: What kind of numbers did you put up at the regional combine down in Chicago.

Jamar: They actually don’t give you back numbers. However I know I did good!

David: You have impressive size of 6’3 206, what else could you bring to a professional backfield?

Jamar: I bring a lot to a team. I have great ball skills in the pass, side line to side line speed, I’m not afraid to hit, and I’m very aggressive.

David: What teams have you all had interest from?

Jamar: I’ve talked to quite a few teams: Seattle, Jacksonville, Miami, Dallas, and a few others.
I had an interview with Dallas, Seattle, and a few others. They really liked me due to my size and speed.

David: What would it be like to play in that secondary with Sherman, Earl Thomas, and Kam Chancellor?

Jamar: Playing for Seattle would be a dream come true.

David: Jamar, you ran into some trouble when you were a little younger and actually were on the Florida Gators football team, what all happened there and what growth did you make from that experience?

Jamar: I Graduated in 2006 and went to Florida in the summer. I RS my FR year. Then was named starter in spring of 2007. I got charged with using a False of credit card then I got kicked off the team for that.

David: How did you grow?

Jamar: I Took the chance for granted. Lost it all in a blink of an eye, it does not matter who you are. I’ve become a lot more humble through the experience.

David: When you were coming out of High School you were a 5 star recruit and you ended up going to Florida, what was the recruiting process like for you and why did you choose Florida?

Jamar: I’m a Florida fan and I lived in Jacksonville, an hour and half from Gainesville. Coach Meyer was coming from Utah coming off his big championship. I wanted to be part of the program.

David: If you do end up going undrafted Jamar, you’ll essentially end up being a recruit and may have a couple teams to choose from, what features and characteristics would you want from an organization?

Jamar: I just want to come in and contribute right away on the field and off the field.

David: Did you have a favorite team growing up? Would they happen to have an upper hand?

Jamar: I’ve always been a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. You never know. If the opportunity presents itself.

David: I also understand you have seen some interest from some teams from the Canadian football league?

Jamar: Toronto contacted me and said they would be more than happy to have me.

David: What goals do want to accomplish with your football career Jamar?

Jamar: Get to the next level and make my mark. Make plays, make receivers second guess going over the middle and make sure they know where I’m lined up.

David: And finally Jamar, are there any players you would really love to be on the same football field with? Maybe some safetys you’d like to play with, some running backs you would like to have a shot at in the open field?

Jamar. All of them. I want to have a shot at all them. I’d love to play beside Ed Reed and Dashon Gholdson. I like his aggressive style, Which is how I like to play.

David: Well thank you Jamar for joining me today, best of luck to you!

Jamar: Thanks for having me.

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