Wisconsin Center Travis Frederick Scouting Report

By PFC Draft Writer Joe Ward (@JoeyWard189)

travis frederick

Center Travis Frederick (Courtesy of Uwbadgers.com)

Travis Frederick comes out of a Wisconsin football program that breads strong NFL ready offensive lineman. Frederick is a strong, aggressive football player who has the skill to move big defenders off the ball.  Frederick is also a smart football player who can play both the center and guard position at the NFL level and should be able to become and instant starter.  Frederick was the first true freshman to start for the Badgers on opening day, and he has shown that he can handle the pressure of joining an offensive line and making a big impact right away.


Frederick is a solid kid with incredible strength and knows how to use it. He is an outstanding run blocker who is able to get off the snap quickly and help guards if need be. He is great at reaching the angle on his assignment and always keeps his legs moving to push defenders off the ball and out of the ball carriers way.  Frederick has experience at both the guard and center position and should be able to handle either at the NFL level. His pass blocking isn’t his strongest ability but he is able to take on incoming pass rushers and has a great football I.Q. which helps him identify defensive blitzes.


Frederick isn’t the quickest lineman coming into the draft in a few days. His athleticism and speed are the two things he will need to improve on if he wants to have a successful career in the NFL.  Especially in pass protection, Frederick can struggle with stopping the faster more athletic defensive pass rushers. He tends to fall out of a position, leaving him open to a swim move.  Although his strength helps buy some time when faster rushers first intrude, he will need to be able to hold his blocks if he wants to keep his QB upright.


Travis Frederick is listed at 6’4” 312lbs. and he knows how to use his massive frame to his advantage. Frederick is a very powerful run blocker and he should be able to help an NFL run game tremendously.  His football intelligence is also a tool that Frederick has in his arsenal. Although he looks to be an ideal guard, he has the ability to handle the responsibilities at center and identify defensive shifts before the snap.


Frederick is a hard working kid who takes to weightlifting as one of his hobbies, something that NFL teams don’t mind their offensive lineman taking an interest in.  Frederick practically lives in the weight room and will have no problem working to get better. He can also handle the pressure of starting right away for and NFL team as he has the experience coming in and starting right away for a Wisconsin program that prides itself on its offensive lineman. Frederick is a tough kid who should be able to improve enough to become a solid offensive starter at the next level.


This is where Frederick shines as one of the top draft prospects. He is the best run blocker coming into the draft and has the ability to completely get his man off the ball and out of the play.  He has the ability to reach a linebacker and help guards overtake their assignments with a powerful double team.  Frederick has a great mind to keep his legs moving until he hears a whistle and should be a very strong addition to a team that wants to run the ball. Frederick is a powerful kid who will shine during run protection, and if things play out could have the chance to block for his friend Monte Ball at the next level.


This is where Frederick will need to improve if he wants to go from a good offensive lineman, to a great offensive lineman. His frame gives him the early advantage during the pass rush, with most incoming pass rushers getting hit hard off the snap. Although after the initial hit, it all will depend on Frederick’s ability to hold his block especially against the faster defenders.  Frederick has the ability to move his feet and get to incoming rushers but once again he will need to be able to keep a good base and hold his block if he wants to be a starter as soon as he get to the NFL.


Travis Frederick is the top center heading into the NFL draft in a few days. He size and strength will attract any team that is in need of a big powerful offensive lineman. He will most likely be used as a center in the NFL but could also be a solid starter as a guard if need be. He should go off the board as early as the 1st or 2nd round, and should be the first center drafted come Thursday.  Frederick has shown that he can be an instant starter in the NFL and it will be no surprise if you see him in the middle of an offensive line come opening day.

Green Bay (1.26)

Detroit (2.36)

Pittsburgh (2.48)

Chicago (2.50)

Detroit (3.65)

Tennessee (3.70)