Sio Moore Scouting Report



By PFC Draft Writer David Willemssen

UConn’s defensive shined during the draft process and made GMs, head coaches, and scouts go back and look at the film. After a good Shrine and Senior Bowl showing Sio Moore vaulted himself up draft boards. Moore is an accomplished linebacker who can be seen playing in the slot, inside and outside linebacker spots, as well as with his hand in the dirt. 


Two areas showed as major strengths in Sio’s game. His explosion off of the snap and his gap shooting ability.


Moore was put out of his element from time to time at UConn covering fast slot receivers and was unable to keep up with them in man coverage. During the end of plays when it was time to clean up ball carriers Moore does not give his all, which resulted in yards after contact.

Tools and Accolades:

Sio was the linebackers group leader at the combine in vertical jump at 38 inches and the broad jump at 127 inches. He stands 6’1 245 lbs a good fit for an outside linebacker in a 43 defense as well as a hybrid scheme. He was the fifth fastest linebacker with a 4.65 forty, and also the placed second in bench reps at 29. Moore was also named first team All Big East in 2012 where he posted 15.5 tackles for a loss and 8 sacks. His best game came back in 2010 when he posted 17 tackles versus West Virginia.

Pass Rush: 

With the explosion and speed that Moore has tackles have to get back very quickly in their pass blocking. Moore takes very good advantage of that and takes the quickest route, the inside, to the QB often. He sets tackles up with a strong club and pushes them away creating space to attack. He also plays with good leverage while pass rushing. To become a productive pass rusher Moore will have to add more pass rush moves to his game. He will not be able to rely on his impressive combination of quickness and strength. Also uses his impressive vertical to bat passes down

Run Support:

Run support is where Moore excels the most. He explodes into the backfield quickly when unblocked and stays disciplined to his gap. He mirrors the running back very well when he is unblocked. While engaging blockers Moore delivers a powerful punch that gains him leverage and he extends his arms well, making it easier to track the ball carrier and disengage. While Moore is good at keeping his gap and shoots it quickly he does over pursue and lets the ball carrier run right by him time to time.



Moore played a lot more coverage at UConn than I previously believed, he played in space around 1/3 of the time. He matched up against tight ends as well as receivers. He does a good job at being physical and in the face of larger and slower oppositions, yet gets beaten across the face often especially by quicker receivers. Displayed a quick reaction to the ball in the air. He is best playing in zone where he can sit and attack.


Is the definition of a wrap up tackler who drives ball carriers down to the ground. Routinely goes to the legs and the waist. During clean up time he does get sloppy with his technique. He is a technician of a dying art, the wrap up tackle.

Draft Expectations and Scheme Fits: 

Sio Moore’s tackling and run support reminds me of Michigan State’s alumni Greg Jones. While Jones was a sixth round pick, but he was a very good tackler. Moore will be drafted much higher due to his pass rush and coverage ability. His best scheme would be one that would let him play in a 43 defense that allows him to blitz from the outside linebacker position. Moore looks to be a late second round to early third round pick in this years draft. He has had private workouts with the Bucs, Cowboys, Rams, Ravens, Steelers, and jaguars.