2013 Draft’s Under the Radar Team Offensive Edition

courtesy www.overcometheworld.me

courtesy www.overcometheworld.me

By PFC Draft Writer David Willemssen @David Willemssen

The All Under the Radar Team fills their roster with players that could go from as high as the first round all the way down to the seventh. What makes a player underrated is their projection. The first rounders mentioned on our team are the Mark Barron’s of this year. The players who are seen as first rounders who all the sudden go top 15. top 20. I will do a light break down of each player and make some bold predictions.

QB Tyler Wilson Arkansas 6’3 220

Wilson took a rough senior season at Arkansas due to having a lot of pressure being thrown onto him and his arm. He is knocked due to his arm strength, which he does have to make all the NFL throws. He shows good accuracy but can get careless on underneath routes. He’s a leader that tried to do to much which forced his way down the draft boards. Wilson is the Captain of the Under the Radar Team and will be drafted above the likes of Landry Jones, Ryan Nassib, Tyler Bray, and will be the 3rd QB taken this year.

RB Mike Gillislee Florida 5’11 201

Shades of Jamaal Charles in his cutting ability and vision. Where he lacks Charle’s speed, he picks up in his power. Gillisleeood drive through tackle at 201 lbs and is good in pass protection. Also a good route runner and solid hands. His one cut ability is perfect for a zone running scheme. Gillslee will be a third round back that will see a lot of playing time as a rookie.

Runner up Kniles Davis Arkansas 6’0 228. Fits Bill Parcell’s prototype of a running back. Big, Fast, Strong. Never came back from junior year injury.

WR Tavarres King Georgia 6’0 190

Next inline after AJ Green left. Has great route running ability. Blazing speed as he ran a 4.47 and takes the top off coverage. At 190 lbs he’s good at beating the press. He does have some drop issues, which he will fix. King is considered by most a late 6th to 7th round pick. Look for a team to love King and take him as early as the fourth.

WR Chris Harper Kansas State 6’1 228 

Big physical receiver who goes over the middle without care of taking the hit. Does a good job at running intermediate routes. Has very good body adjustment to poor throws. Lacked production at Kansas State and many doubted his speed. However he posted a 4.45 at his proday and a 4.55 at the combine. Seen as a 5th to 6th round prospect. Both the Under The Radar Team’s WRs should go in the fourth. Even though it is a deep class.

Runner Up Keenan Allen California 6’3 206. Great ability to find holes in zones, good hands, and great route running with tremendous fakes while running them. Some dis on Allen due to his speed and have him falling out of the first round. Allen will likely be the second or third receiver taken in the first round.

TE Michael Williams Alabama 6’6 270

Coming from Alabama Williams is a very good blocker in both aspects of the game run and pass. Where he is hurt is due to his receiving ability. Yet he still can come down with the catch. He is playing an important position for the All Under Rated Team and will land on a team that needs a good blocker in the 4th round.

Runner Up Nick Kasa Colorado 6’6 275 Kasa will be a developmental player in the league who has good traits. He used the senior bowl to show off some nice catches and displayed decent blocking ability. Kasa is a one year player who has a lot to learn yet. He has a good upside and should be a 5th round pick.

Tackle Xavier Nixon Florida 6’6 314

Nixon has good athletic ability and is quick to get set. He has a mean streak as a run blocker and played well against two of the nation’s best pass rusher in Barkevious Mingo and Sam Montgomery. Nixon struggles when his side of the ball is overloaded with defenders and needs to be better with finding his man. He does a good job at getting to the second level and extending while he is still raw in his technique and over extends to often. Nixon anchors our offensive line at the left tackle spot and will be a developmental left tackle for a team. Nixon has starter ability in the league and should be taken in the 3rd round.

Tackle DJ Fluker Alabama 6’6 335

Monster right tackle who has a huge frame and size 22 feet. He is a road grader in the running game and drives defenders back with ease. He has massively long arms which makes it hard to show off in the bench press which people knock him for. He struggles in pass protection some, but is a smart tackle who rarely misses assignments. Fluker could go as high as 11 to the Chargers and will not make it out of the next 9 picks and be drafted at least by pick 20.

Guard Barret Jones Alabama 6’3 311

When drafting Barret Jones you come away with a player that can and has played every position at a successful and competitive level on the offensive line. He was a leader of an offensive line that will have two first round picks and possibly three. He plays well in small areas and is very smart. Jones fits any scheme to play in and it is a mystery why people do not see him in the first round. He will be drafted by the latest in the 2nd round and just might be a first round Guard, Tackle, and Center. Jones should be on the 49ers watch list on draft day as they love offensive linemen who can play anywhere.

Guard Omoregie Uzzi Georgia Tech 6’3 300

Coming from Georgia Tech’s triple option Uzzi is good at run blocking and does a good job engaging. He is athletic and gets to the defender quickly and understands his responsibilities going to the second level while run blocking. Where he struggles as a run blocker is keeping players engaged longer and not to let them slide out of his grasp. Also Uzzi is going to have to learn how to pass block better in every aspect of the game. When Georgia Tech would pass it was not a smooth three step drop which has made Uzzi good at helping extend the play. Most say Uzzi is undraftable due to inexperience in the pass and a small frame. However look for Uzzi to be drafted as early as the 6th round.

Runner Up Larry Warford Kentucky 6’4 340. A very powerful player in the run and pass game. Warford is a boulder to move who plays well in a phone booth. Warford struggles to move laterally and should not be asked to pull or even get to the second level. His best spot is the lined up in a man blocking scheme where he can over power defenders. Warford is a type of player that can man up one on one against nose tackles.

Center Brian Schwenke California 6’3 314 

Schwenke displays good technique and is fast getting his head up after the snap. He plays with quickness in his feet and has an aggressive side.  His downfalls are seen in his power game and ability to move players. With that weakness he fits perfectly in a zone blocking scheme and should be a 2nd round pick.

Runner Up Mario Benavides Louisville 6’3 290. Benavides is seen as a smaller center but does a great job at withstanding bull rushes, even from 330 lb nose tackles. He is an athletic and smart player. His main problem is his durability as he has had shoulder problems, staph infection, and tore his MCL.


There is your Under the Radar Team Offensive Unit for the 2013 NFL Draft. A mix of high potential and intelligent players that should be on your radar on draft day as they get called a lot earlier than some expect!

Disclaimer: I am not a Bama fan but when your team is that good some players will be overlooked.