Kiko Alonso ILB Oregon Scouting Report

By PFC Draft Writer Philip Arnold (@PhilipArnold20)


Kiko Alonso ILB Oregon

Kiko Alonso is one of those guys you just notice on film.  If you were to pop in a DVD of the Oregon defense, the first player you would notice is Kiko Alonso.  Alonso has an unbelievable motor and plays from the snap of the football until the play is whistled dead.  Alonso totaled 143 tackles, 31 TFL’s and 6 interceptions during his career on the Ducks defensive unit.  His play during the 2012 season led him to be a Second-Team All-Pac 12 selection.


Straight ahead against the run is a strong point of Alonso’s game. He is good at punching and fending off blockers.  Alonso’s athleticism gives him versatility in both a 3-4 and 4-3 defensive scheme and won’t be limited in that sense.  Alonso is well suited in the pass coverage showing the ability and awareness to cover in zone and man schemes.  Matching those strengths with his motor and instincts make him well suited to be the leader of a defense.


Alonso needs to improve his blitzing abilities.  He doesn’t offer a variety of moves that other linebackers in this class offer, and tries to just go through lineman.  Alonso’s motor puts him around the football but misses tackle by ankle diving.  Misdirection and counter plays can have Alonso biting and not filling his gaps.


Alonso possesses good athleticism to pair along with his 6’3” 238 lb. build. Alonso showed his athleticism with a 4.18 shuttle time at Oregon’s Pro Day which would have tied him for the top time at the Combine.  Too keep it simple, Alonso plays like his hair is on fire and at a very high speed.  He is able to clean up missed tackles and recovered a few fumbles because of this.  Also Oregon’s offense scored points quickly and often, meaning Alonso and the Oregon defense were conditioned to be on the field a lot.


Alonso’s off the field issues are going to be what hurts his draft stock.  Alonso has had two arrests during his time at Oregon.  One happened to be a DUI charge with the other coming as a Burglary charge.  Since the arrests in 2010 and 2011, Alonso hasn’t had any run in with the law and kept himself eligible to be on the football field.

Run Support

Alonso’s instincts allow him to quickly get to the point of attack and to the ball carrier in the backfield.  His athleticism leads him to beat blockers to spots and make a play in the backfield or at the line of scrimmage.  Alonso is able to punch and shed blockers quite well in run fits, though against blockers head on in the hole he can get knocked back before shedding.  Alonso has also struggled with cut blocks which are result of his high speed he plays at and lack of awareness at times.

Pass Coverage

Alonso has very good range and hips in the coverage game.  In zone coverage schemes Alonso gets depth to match receiver’s routes and puts himself in play making spots, his 6 interceptions.  In underneath routes he possesses good awareness and is able to read and find crossers.

In man coverage schemes Alonso is well suited. Oregon used Alonso a lot in man coverage and Alonso played it well. He is able to run with athletic tight ends and running backs out of the backfield.  Oregon put him in a stand up position on the line versuses tight ends and was able to jam them and run. He doesn’t lose his man and has showed a lot of tight coverage on more athletic players.

Pass Rush

Alonso instinctively times up blitzes well.  Alonso shows a good first step to blow past slower blockers in the middle.  Alonso doesn’t offer a variety of pass rush moves.  He will either try to blow past blockers and has showed an awful move of trying to jump over running backs that stay into block and it never worked once, as he would be falling to the ground.  Alonso was mainly used in A-Gap blitzes and hasn’t shown much range in the pass rushing category.


Alonso has some work to do if he wants to be a successful tackler in the NFL.  He often tries to just shoulder ball carriers and fails to wrap up.  Against bigger backs in the NFL he won’t have success with this as they will just bounce off.  Alonso will often miss easy tackles by ducking his head and ankle diving.

Draft Prediction and NFL Fits

Alonso fits in both a 3-4 and 4-3 defensive scheme.  Alonso could play inside in a 3-4 scheme with the capabilities to play downhill and attack.  In an aggressive 4-3 scheme, Alonso will be best suited as an Outside backer with the ability to play inside also.  Alonso will need to have a good mentor and veteran to mold him into a well-rounded NFL linebacker.  Alonso most likely won’t be a starter in his entrance to the NFL but has the ability to play early in his career in different packages.  With good coaching and a veteran to keep his head straight off the field, Alonso can be a very impactful linebacker 2-3 years from now.

Arizona 4.103

Cleveland 4.104

Washington 4.119

Green Bay 4.122

San Francisco 4.131