PFC Charity Of The Week: The Nick Eason Foundation

The mission of The Nick Eason Foundation is to assist families with loved ones going through a terminal illness. The Foundation helps families financially as well as spiritually and emotionally to try and relieve some of the immense pressure that comes with managing such a critical family time. We are here to provide advice, personal support, and financial assistance, and we are funded by private donations, corporate partnerships, and public fund-raising efforts.

The inspiration for The Nick Eason Foundation comes from Nick’s own experience losing his mother to breast cancer in 2012. Fortunately, he was able to take time off from work to be with her during the final challenging months. He also lost his uncle to cancer, and has lost other friends to the illness over the past few years. Through his experiences, he realized that many families cannot manage the struggle alone, whether from the financial or emotional stresses the consistently arise. Our foundation was founded to help families who cannot manage alone.

Since its inception in January 2012, The Nick Eason Foundation has established its founding board, built an operational plan, and has awarded its first five gifts to families. Goals for 2013 include the following:

Establish formal partnerships with the American Cancer Society;
Conduct two fund-raisers to include a golf tournament and a 5K run in partnership with the NFL Foundation;
Develop a marketing strategy to inform families about The Nick Eason Foundation; and
Award at least five gifts to families.
The Board of Directors is dedicated to planning and evaluating efforts that directly improve the lives of families, doing what we can to alleviate even a little part of the strain that these illnesses bring.

Please help make a difference in a family’s life. You can donate today. Right here, right now.

Nick Eason Foundation