Rolando Deserves Second Chance

By PFC Writer Aaron Mannicci:

On Friday, the Oakland Raiders waiver former no. 7 overall draft pick, ILB Rolando McClain. McClain was not claimed by any teams, which isn’t a surprise. McClain has had some off the field trouble and some complications in the locker room.
To many, he’s a head case that comes with a headache to whichever team he’s on. That’s a fair accusation, considering he practically quit on the Raiders last season by being kicked off the practice field, and also was convicted and charged with pointing a gun to a mans head and then shooting it behind his head, to scare him off. Those charges were dropped.

So, why would any team want this guy? He’s a cancer in the locker room and doesn’t bring the best image to your team and what you’re trying to build. I understand that and am not afraid to admit that he isn’t what any team needs in terms of personalities in the locker room. But the thing is, some teams could use and need the potential he brings on the field. The Kansas City Chiefs need an ILB and he’s the best one out there who fits what they’re looking for.

McClain was a bust in Oakland. No doubt about that. But I think a change of scenery, better coaching, and stability at the top of the organization would do him well. I believe that wherever he ends up, if its in a 3-4 defense and the teams has stability on their staff, he could resurrect his career and could be a viable starter. Nothing special, but an above average starter.

McClain would be a low-risk, high-reward type signing for the Chiefs because he will likely come cheap and still does have a lot if potential. He was drafted no.7 overall in 2010 for a reason.

If the Chiefs can manage to afford McClain, they’d be making a great move. He’d play well along with three pro-bowl LB’s (something he never had a chance to do before, he actually had no talent around him) and would come fairly cheap. The Chiefs would then be able to go about the draft normally and would still be able to select an ILB in the 3rd or 4th round who could provide viable depth and bring more young potential to Kansas City’s already young defense.

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