Justin Hunter Scouting Report

Courtesty www.saturdaydownsouth.com

Courtesty www.saturdaydownsouth.com

By PFC Draft Writer David Willemssen

Coming into the 2012 season Tennessee looked to have a high powered offense with their Junior QB Tyler Bray and his weapons. One of his favorite weapons was Justin Hunter and rightfully so. 


Displays burner speed and is always a threat to take it to the house. Hunter also is a red zone threat with his leaping ability and strong hands. He shows good body control and intelligence of the defensive scheme post snap.


For a receiver with such strong hands Hunter lets the ball get into his body way too often.  There were multiple times a defender got in and knocked it out because he did not secure the catch outside of the defenders reach. Another reason why the defender could easily jar the ball out of his control was due to not creating enough separation as well as not shielding the receiver from the ball.

Tools and Build:

Hunter has the potential to have the body of a premier outside #1 receiver in the NFL. However at 196 lbs he will have to bulk up. He is a very long receiver at 6’4 with 33 1/4″ arms and has the frame to do so. He if bulks up he may lose some explosiveness which he has a lot of. He had a 39.5″ vertical and was a High School All American in the high jump. He also ran very well posting a 4.44 40.


Right now the way to beat Hunter is to be physical with him. Knock him off of his timing with his QB by pressing quickly and aggressively. He has tremendous speed off the snap and if you play close, yet do not get a hand on him he will make you pay. He does a very good job at taking advantage of the large cushions given to him.  Did not face a lot of press due to his deep threat ability.


Used his quick speed to create space for himself. Needs to become able to run more sound routes. Also needs to be able to step defenders off with his cuts.  Does a good job finding the window behind linebackers.

Hands and Body Control:

Hunter has very strong hands and can make catches far away from his body, he just has to use them more. He was the worse for prospects this year dropping 1 out of 10 passes due to letting the ball into his body. However, he does have very good body control and can go up and adjust to the ball.

Run After the Catch:

When he has space watch out for Hunter. He rarely gets caught from behind and has the ability to make people miss in one on one situations. He was given multiple drag routes and screens for him to make people miss yet, if he his against two or more defenders do not look for him to create much yards after the catch.


Hunter will be a player that plays on the outside so his ability to take the top off the defense will be used giving others chances to make plays. He is a burner that can find windows well.  Hunter came into the season as Tennessee’s best receiver, unfortunately for him Cordarrelle Patterson exploded out of Junior College. Some still believe Hunter to be the best Vol. Hunter receives a 2nd round grade and should land for a team that has a number one receiver already and needs to take some pressure off of him.