ILB Kevin Reddick North Carolina Scouting Report

By PFC Draft Writer Philip Arnold (@PhilipArnold20)

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at North Carolina


Kevin Reddick ILB North Carolina

Kevin Reddick enters the draft as PFC’s 5th rated ILB.  Reddick had a very successful career as a linebacker for the Tar Heels, totaling 275 tackles and 36 Tackles for loss during his course as a 4 year starter.  During the 2012 campaign, in which the Tar Heels finished 8-4, Reddick totaled 85 tackles and 18.5 Tackles for a loss which ranked him 1st in the ACC.


Reddick isn’t going to blow anyone away with his speed or athleticism but has the right build and skillset to be a successful linebacker.  Reddick is superb at defeating potential blockers with strength, his hands and smarts.  In pass rushing Reddick excels with a good first step and a good “Dip & Rip” move past the tackle.  Reddick is a straight ahead player but shows good abilities in scrapping and making a tackle down the line.


Reddick will need work to improve his pass coverage abilities in the NFL.  Thought Reddick reads his keys nicely and makes good downhill plays, he can be overly aggressive and overrun ball carriers.  Reddick doesn’t have the speed or range to be a sideline to sideline player.  Reddick does have a tendency to try and shoulder shot or shoulder tackle without wrapping causing missed tackles.


Reddick is an Inside Linebacker prospect, but played with his hand in the dirt multiple times during his senior year at UNC.  Reddick poses a solid 6-1’ 243 lb. build and benched 23 reps at the combine.  Reddick also posted a 4.72 40 time and 113’ broad jump at the combine.  Reddick also was a contributor on the punt team.


After North Carolina received a 2012 bowl ban Reddick had a lot of schools, including Alabama, wanting him to transfer.  Even though the postseason was out of the question, Reddick returned to North Carolina to finish his career with his teammates.  To show his true colors to UNC, Reddick was a 2 year captain during his 4 years as a Tar Heel.  As a leader of UNC team and defense, Reddick shined most during the 4th quarter and close games.

Run Support

Reddick is best straight ahead and downhill in the run game.  He is good at reading and reacting to fill his holes and gap assignments.  He is able to beat blockers to the point of attack with his read and react abilities.  Reddick keeps blockers hands off his pads by extending his 32 inch arms and keeping him free to scrape and make a play.  When meeting lineman in the hole Reddick does struggle with dropping his head causing him to get washed and lose vision of the ball carrier. Reddick’s aggression plays to a disadvantage at times, running himself up field or overtop blockers instead of taking them head on opening a cutback lane.

Pass Coverage

Reddick lacks the skill set to be an elite pass coverage linebacker in the NFL.  Reddick was in position multiple times to pull in an interception but didn’t record one the past two seasons.  Reddick lacks range struggles and has difficulty getting depth in his pass drops.  Reddick also plays high in his back pedal which is another reason he doesn’t get deep in his drops.  Against Maryland a quick shake move by a running back caused Reddick to lose steps and opened up an easy passing lane for the quarterback.

Pass Rush

Though, Reddick isn’t suited in pass coverage, when he’s on blitzes he causes the quarterback to quickly release the ball.  Reddick has a quick first step as a pass rusher.  Reddick’s best production came as an edge blitzer this year totaling 6 sacks.  Reddick lined up with his hand in the ground as a defensive end in pass rushing situations and came on delayed blitzes from the linebacker spot in UNC’s defense.  On edge blitzes Reddick has a very respectable “Dip & Rip” move past Tackles.  When Reddick is too low and works his way too far up field he is good at redirecting and working his way back to pocket.  When Reddick is coming on delayed blitzes he had a lot of free running room and showed good body control causing multiple QB hurries.  Reddick did have a few silly and unnecessary offsides penalties in timing blitzes.


Reddick has flashes of great tackling ability and then at times struggles with tackling.  Straight ahead in the box Reddick makes good contact and runs his feet well.  When securing a tackle from behind Reddick does wrap well and has a good ability to knock the ball loose. Where Reddick struggles is lunging.  He will dive at ball carriers and they break free.  He wraps carriers but has shown the inability to finish the play and bring them down.

Draft Prediction and NFL Fits

Look for Reddick to hear his name called in the second day of the draft, but could fall to the final day.  His struggles in pass coverage will hurt his stock and will have work to do in that part of his game to be every down NFL linebacker.  His versatility as both an Inside backer and rush end will definitely be an talent teams will like and work with.  I look at Reddick as inside backer in a 3-4 defensive scheme, but wouldn’t be surprised if he is moved outside for rushing situations.

Browns 5.139

Cardinals 5.140

Jets 5.41

Giants 5.152

Redskins 5.162

Ravens 5.165