Lions Weighing Options With 5th Overall Pick

It seems the Lions are not set on which player they will draft in this month’s draft. The Lions have some options. It would appear they need a Left Tackle with the recent retirement of Jeff Backus. They also have two holes on defense to fill at defensive end and linebacker.

The Lions have had a draft strategy of simply drafting the best player available. Look where that has gotten them. Right back at the top of another draft! The Lions have so many needs, mostly on defense because of this failed strategy. The Lions could still be in the mix to draft Alabama DB Dee Millner.

Mock drafts are just that, a mockery. anyone can put one out and its all crap. Not one person knows who anyone will pick because they is a major surprise every single year in the draft that throws everything off. Don’t forget about trades as well. With a salary cap for rookies, trading top draft picks is more likely. Don’t believe the hype of mock drafts!

Robert Green