Cal Center Brian Schwenke Scouting Report

By PFC Draft Writer Joe Ward (@JoeyWard189)


Center Brian Schwenke (Courtesy of

Brian Schwenke is valued as the number three center on our list, bringing experience, versatility, and quickness with him. Playing in 48 out of 50 possible games college games, Schwenke shows he is a tough kid who can play both the guard and center position at the next level. Schwenke should be a good value pick for any team in need of a guard/center, and should be more of an under-the-radar type guy.  He proves to be a solid player to have on your roster with the ability to fill at least three positions on the offensive line.



Schwenke is one of the quicker linemen in the 2013 draft. He does a very good job getting off the ball on the snap and does a good job keeping a good pad level. He has great technique and is able to get the right leverage on his assignment. Schwenke has the size to play either guard or center and does a good job pulling and reaching the linebackers when run blocking.  Schwenke also has the ability to drive his man to the turf and has a good mind to play until he hears a whistle.


If Schwenke wants to pursue the center position in the NFL he will have to work on his shotgun snaps. He will also need to improve his body type by adding some strength to handle the bigger nose tackles in the NFL.  He will also need to work on his awareness when playing the center position making sure he can identify changes in the defense. If he started today Schwenke would look like a better fit in the guard position, but should be able to improve his game enough to be a solid center.


Schwenke is listed at 6-3” 314 lbs. and if you’ve never seen him play you wouldn’t think he had incredible athleticism.  Whether he is snapping the ball or playing guard, he is the first one off the ball after the snap and rarely lets the defensive man get early position. Versatility is another tool that will give him an extra edge in the NFL draft.  Schwenke should be able to use his ability to land him a starting job in the NFL possibly as early as his rookie season.


Brian Schwenke is a hard worker who would be willing to help in any way he could for an NFL team.  He impressed scouts at the 2013 Senior Bowl and showed that he could hold his own against some of the top defensive linemen that will be in the draft. Schwenke listens to the criticism and is willing to work to improve parts of his game that some think need work.  Moving around the offensive line at Cal, he has no problem playing a the guard one game and the center position in the another.


Quickness and strength play a big role in Schwenke’s ability to run block. He gets off the ball fast and is able to reach a linebacker or second assignment. Schwenke is great when picking up a double team and is able to help the guards from the center position if need be. He is able to get the angle and open up a hole for his running back and blocks until he hears the whistle. Schwenke is definitely better suited for the run with big hands that can reach out and a move a defender, he should be able to help a running back get a few extra yards.


Schwenke is a good presence in the middle of a line and rarely gets over matched when getting bull rushed.  He is quick enough and should be able to handle the quicker defensive players. He will need to do a better job keeping a good base and not be so easily fooled by swim moves and spins. Schwenke can be a very good pass blocker and should be able to work out the kinks and improve his ability up to standards of and NFL team.


When it comes to where Schwenke could be drafted that is still something I’m trying to determine. He has the skill and potential to be the second center off the board but also has the chance to drop to the late 3rd round.  I see him going somewhere in the middle either late second or somewhere in the early 3rd round. His versatility makes him even more appealing, throw in his size and technique and I don’t see how a team in need of a center or guard could pass on him.

Green Bay (2.55)

Baltimore (2.62)

Detroit (3.65)

San Francisco (3.74)

Indianapolis (3.86)