Khaled Holmes USC Center Scouting Report


By PFC Draft Writer Joe Ward (@JoeyWard189)

Khaled Holmes

Center Khaled Holmes (courtesy of USC)

Khaled Holmes comes in as the 4th ranked center in the upcoming draft.  He started for three years with the USC Trojans, 2 years at center giving him plenty of experience coming into the draft.  Holmes snapped for Matt Barkley and did a great job keeping him upright allowing Barkley to have a successful college career.  Holmes is smart football player who will be able to fill the Center position on the offensive line and succeed at being the captain of it.


Holmes is a great kid who shows sportsmanlike conduct, while still playing at an intense rate at all times.  He is a phenomenal pass protector and is a smart center that can identify defensive shifts.  Holmes does a great job sustaining his blocks and has the athleticism to reach a second man during a run. Holmes has the ability to be a solid center at the next level if he can continue to play at a high rate until the whistle.


Holmes’s strength is an issue with a lot of NFL teams, especially when it comes to run blocking. Run blocking is an area where Holmes will need to improve if he wants to start early in the NFL. Inconsistency is another big issue with Holmes, he has the tendency to miss blocks and needs to improve on getting a better initial hit on the defense.  Holmes needs to work on his technique over the offseason if he wants to raise his draft stock.


Holmes comes in with a 6-4” 305 lb. frame that he uses to his advantage at the center position. He has no problem snapping the ball and is able to identify a blitz if need be. Holmes is great when double teaming a block with the guard. He also has a good footwork and is able to move to his gap quickly to pick up oncoming defenders.


Football is in the family genes for Khaled Holmes, with his father and brother both being outstanding college football players. He was awarded All-Academic honors 2 years in a row at USC and received a bachelor’s degree in Communications. Holmes also has done charitable work in Haiti and shows to be an outstanding young man to represent any NFL franchise. Khaled Holmes can also get a few tips from his brother-in law All-pro safety Troy Polamalu.


Run Blocking is a big issue with Holmes and really weighs down his draft stock.  He shows signs of a good run blocker but continues to be inconsistent with his blocks. Holmes was a responsible for more than a few blown up run plays and need to improve on sustaining his block until the runner hits the hole. Holmes has the athleticism to reach the second level but cannot hold the quicker, stronger linebackers.  There are signs of a good run blocker in Holmes and if he can block out the negative parts of his game he should be ok in the NFL.


Almost like a 6th sense Holmes makes sure his quarterback is protected. He makes up for a lot of his run blocking woes with his ability as a pass blocker. He is able to anchor himself into the ground and can take on both defensive lineman and oncoming blitzes.  Holmes has a good base and is rarely knocked out of his stance when pass blocking. He has a pesky way of staying in front of his man and should be able to hold his own against NFL defenders.


Holmes should fall somewhere in the late third or fourth round. He was not able to lift at his pro days so his issues of strength and his ability to run block has hurt his stock. Although he has his grey areas Holmes proves to be a solid center in the NFL. An ideal location would be one where Holmes could have some time to learn the game behind a good veteran.  With experience and the right coaching Holmes has the potential to help lead an offensive line.

Green Bay (3.88)

Atlanta (3.92)

Kansas City (4.99)

Cincinnati (4.118)

Detroit (4.132)