Tavon Austin to 49ers?

Twitter: @shakkhan79

The main concern for the 49ers’ offense is, who will be able to stretch the field, draw the double teams and essentially open up the run game for Frank Gore, Inc.?  Undoubtedly, the two starting wideouts for San Francisco are Michael Crabtree (coming off of a career year – since supposedly Colin Kaepernick “trusts” him more than Alex Smith did) and Anquan Boldin (acquired from the Ravens).  WR Mario Manningham and Kyle Williams are solid receivers, but  they may not be at full speed come training camp.  That leaves A.J. Jenkins who is working out with Colin Kaepernick this off-season.  Jenkins was a disappointment last year, he basically failed to get on to the field.  Tight end Vernon Davis is the fastest receiver on the roster and he is often used in pass protection – therefore, look for SF to add depth to the position (WR).  The 49ers have many draft picks, they may be tempted to trade up and grab someone like WR Tavon Austin from West Virginia.  Randy Moss did what he could to run decoy routes, but since he is no longer on the roster, the 49ers need to come up with a plan B (or D-ecoy).  Stay tuned.

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