Why So Quiet On Bills Front?

By PFC Bills Blogger Chris Brown (@cbreezy2411)

The free agency period has been a relatively quiet one at One Bills Drive. The only signing that has happened was the signing of former Cincinnati Bengals Linebacker Manny Lawson. Adding Lawson to the linebacking core will help provide depth for the hybrid schemes that defensive coordinator Mike Pettine has planned. Some of you may recall Russ Brandon mentioned a few months back that the Bills mentioned they will begin to use and develop a “football analytics” department. From the looks of it, the department is in full swing in Orchard Park.

When you consider the analytics you will see why the Bills haven’t been on a spending spree during free agency. This process will break down the production of players at each position and determine their financial value. Ultimately, it weeds out those big names that get overhyped such as Mike Wallace. There may be receiver who produces at the same level but can be bought at a much cheaper cost. The Bills may not get the initial splash with the name they land but they will ultimately get the player who can produce just as equally and help save them money.

By saving this money the Bills can attempt to sign more of theses kind of players to fill their roster. The Bills have multiple holes in their roster ranging from the Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Linebacker, Cornerback, Defensive End positions. Fans may be enraged at the current moment but when it’s all said and done, I believe fans will learn to trust the analytics department.

Today, Bills General Manager Buddy Nix went on record on Toronto Sun and mentioned that they aren’t done in free agency. “You have to plug holes in free agency, and that’ll continue for the rest of spring,” said Nix. “There’ll be guys available and there’ll be guys that’ll fit, and we’ll plug them in.” The Bills will be active in the next few weeks during free agency per Nix.

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