Barrett Jones Alabama Center Scouting Report

By PFC Draft Writer Joe Ward (@JoeyWard189)


Center Barrett Jones

As a four-year Starter, versatility is the key word that comes to mind when talking about Alabama offensive lineman Barrett Jones.  Jones is what every football team dreams of having on their line, starting at all 5 offensive line positions during his tenure at Alabama.  He is seen as a rare talent on the offensive line with a solid skill set and the intelligence to handle the switch to NFL level offense.


Jones is the most versatile Offensive Lineman in the 2013 NFL draft. He has the size and technique to be able to be effective in any position on the offensive line but will most likely succeed in the center position.  He has very good football intelligence and could be a great leader on any offensive line with the awareness to read incoming pass rushers to keep his quarterback safe. He is an extremely good run blocker and has the ability to seal off his man and move onto linebackers creating great holes for any runner.  He also enters the draft with great footwork and picture perfect arm extension when pass rush defending.


With the athletic ability that defensive lineman possess at the NFL level Jones will be most effective on the inside of the line.   He tends to be very top heavy and has been caught lunging, which most NFL linebackers and defensive lineman will be able to take advantage of.  He has also been prone to not play through the whistle and disengage from his man too early, which can lead to problems at the NFL level. Jones has also been prone to injury with shoulder and high ankle sprain injuries during his early years.  He also had foot surgery after the national championship game and has been sporting a boot on his left foot.


Jones will win many over with his versatility and ability to play any of the five offensive lineman positions.  He is a solid force in the middle of the line with his big frame, brute force, and long arms have helped him block for greats like Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson, also future NFL running back Eddie Lacy, all who had great careers behind him.  He also brings a championship attitude with him starting for four years and winning three national titles with the Crimson Tide


Many of you may recognize Jones from his blow up on Quarterback A.J. McCarron in the BCS National Championship Game. But don’t let that mislead you on the type of kid Jones is, he is a hard worker and a pure team player striving and willingly playing all positions on the offensive line.  He has incredible football and general intelligence graduating with his degree in accounting with a 4.0 Grade-Point Average.  Along with multiple accounts of charity work both in the United States and Overseas, Jones proves to be a class act that is willingly to work for any NFL team.


A smart football player Jones is able to get to the right angles with good extension to create strong lanes for his backs.  He has a great ability to move his man and reach the linebackers and effectively pick up multiple blocks.  His strength gives him the ability to get a good first hit on his defensive assignment and is able to extend his arms early.  If Jones can work on finishing his blocks he can be a major asset to any running game.


Jones has incredible awareness and is able to pick on a blitz or defensive shift.  He has quick feet and is able to reach anyone trying to go off his outside and has the bulk and size to take on rushers who come in head on.  A good mind to make sure his quarterback is protected at all times, he is a little heavy on his feet and has shown to succumb to a swim move or spin.  He may have trouble at first catching up with the speed of the game but overtime should be a solid veteran.

Draft Prediction & NFL Fits

The foot injury has hurt Jones’s draft stock recently. Not being able to perform at the NFL Combine or during Alabama’s pro day, has dropped him from an early 2nd round pick to a late 2nd-mid to late 3rd rounder. Jones will enter as a center but teams looking for help at guard and/or center will take a good look at Jones. Jones has the persona to become a savvy veteran and should be a solid starter if he can stay healthy.

Chicago (2. 50)

Green Bay(2.55)

Denver (2.58)

Jacksonville (3.64)

Oakland (3.66)

San Diego (3.76)