Buyer beware

Every year we get excited to add new players to our favorite teams. Some hoot and holler over the free agent signings others over the players brought in via the draft. Free agency is a great way to bring in the final piece to the puzzle, fill a quick hole, or find a veteran leader. Time and time again we see players like Mike Wallace get over paid by a team that wants to jump to the next level only to have to restructure or cut the player (Dansby, Haynesworth.) Few times do we see the big free agent signing help improve the team. That is why teams like the Patriots, Steelers, and 49ers are routinely sound teams. The 49ers use free agency to land day 3 and 4 to land good players at good prices. Saving cap room. The Steelers use the draft to find key pieces. Once they find a player in the draft they resign their players and not let them even test free agency.  So fans do not get overly excited because your team landed NFL Network’s #1 free agent.