Fantasy Focus: QB Rankings

By Josh Collacchi (@JCollacchiPFC)

With free agency in full swing, a lot of names are changing places, and a lot of offensive weapons are changing hands. The pieces that are always less likely to move are the QBs, especially the top flight fantasy QBs. As of March 14th, here are the projected rankings for Fantasy QBs next season.

1. Drew Brees

2. Aaron Rodgers

3. Peyton Manning

4. Tom Brady

5. Colin Kapernick

6. Cam Newton

7. Matt Ryan

8. Robert Griffin III

9. Russell Wilson

10. Matthew Stafford

11. Tony Romo

12. Andrew Luck

13. Jay Cutler

14. Ben Roethlisberger

15. Eli Manning

16. Michael Vick

17. Joe Flacco

18. Alex Smith

19. Philip Rivers

20. Matt Schaub

Stay Tuned for my RB, WR,TE, K and DST Rankings!