Another Nnamdi Watch in the Bay Area


PFC Blogger: Shakeel Khan

Twitter: @shakkhan79

NnamdiFormer Pro Bowl CB Nnamdi Asomugha is visiting the San Francisco 49ers today.  A few years ago, the 49ers showed interest in Asomugha but he ended up signing with the so called “Dream Team,” – the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Eagles overpaid Nnamdi and things didn’t really pan out for him.   If an agreement is reached  between the two,  it would be a huge mistake if San Francisco ask CB Carlos Rogers to restructure his deal (or even release him).  Last time I checked, Rogers was pretty solid for the 49ers and fits into their defensive scheme quite well.  The question will then become who will be in the starting lineup; will it be Nnamdi or Rogers and/or will Tarrell Brown be asked to take a back seat?  Things can get messy and with Dashon Goldson already signing with Tampa Bay – more new faces in the starting lineup may not be the answer.  Perhaps, Harbaugh and Baalke can make Nnamdi realize that this will be a team effort (like they did with TE Vernon Davis), regardless of playing time.  Egos may be bruised, but at this point, a total team effort is what it will take to get San Francisco back to the Super Bowl.