Goldson Tweets Again & Again

Rumors are flying that Pro Bowl safety Dashon Goldson is close to signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  However, if you follow him on Twitter you will see him re-tweeting his fans – that are begging him to stay in San Francisco.  This may be his way of telling the world that he wants to stay in the Bay Area.  The 49ers have free agent Charles Woodson visiting the facility today.   If Woodson is signed, look for Goldson to sign with Tampa shortly after.  But, if an agreement is not reached between Woodson and San Francisco, I wouldn’t be surprised if Goldson delays the decision of choosing his next destination.  I believe Goldson wants San Francisco to make the first move on ending their marriage.  The ideal scenario is that he and San Francisco’s front office actually compromise and get something done.  This 49er team has some unfinished business to take care of, especially since they came up one play short from winning the Lombardi Trophy.  Something tells me that Goldson wants to help this 49er team hoist that trophy and not be left out of the celebrations.

PFC Blogger: Shakeel Khan

Twitter: @shakkhan79