PFC Rookie Blogs: Chris Fenelon FB Stony Brook

I grew up in Queens, NY. As a youngster I shared a room with my older brother in a two bedroom apartment for about 8 years. It wasn’t until I moved to Bellerose on the east side of Queens that I took an interest into any sports. I had dabbled in soccer when I was younger but I had little interest in that. When I was 13 my best friend said he was going to tryout for the football team at our high school and he persuaded me to do the same even though at the time I had dreams of the NBA. I turned out to be a natural at the sport and I immediately fell in love.

High school went pretty smoothly for me. College presented several challenges for me. The first challenge was choosing to go to Stony Brook University as a preferred walk-on. It was tough because I know my parents were not in a position to pay my way through college. The next major obstacle which has proven to be a major turning point in my life so far was when my mother was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer my sophomore year at SBU. She was given a few months to live. I did not want to miss any days with her. I told her I would quit football but she told me to go back to school and she promised me that she would be at my graduation.

I did go back to school but I redshirted to spend weekends with her. The third major obstacle put in my way came after my redshirt sophomore year. I had knee surgery which put me out for my junior season. That put me at a low I was not used to. I finally got back on my horse and rehabbed everyday until I got back out onto the field again.

I made the decision to go to offense after spending my whole career being a defender. I was able to earn a full scholarship and then I enjoyed a good career blocking for an amazing running offense. My mother recently went into remission this past October and she was at my graduation as she promised.