Lions Hot for Bush

As free agency starts in the NFL, teams look to add players that will make the team better. Much like the 49ers and Seahawks did. Both teams added star WRs that fill a very important role for each team.

The Detroit Lions need many starters on defense. They have 6 spots open. The lions need both starting Defensive Ends, a starting Outside Linebacker, two Safeties, and possibly two Cornerbacks. They may have an offer out to often injured Safety Louis Delmas. They may want to find one in the draft to fill in all the games Delmas will miss due to injury.

With so many needs on the defensive side of the ball, in typical Lions form, they’re interested in signing RB Reggie Bush. Reggie Bush does fill a role for the Lions as a speed back that can receive the ball and create. To bring in Bush is fine. They should remember two things.

First thing, remember all the WRs (the Lions) drafted? Where did that get you? Right back where they were before so many times. Drafting in the top 5 of the draft after missing the playoffs with a losing record AGAIN!
The second thing to remember. The Lions are a passing team. They throw the ball more than anyone. They use the pass to set up their field goals. I would say touchdowns but we all know that isn’t true.

The Lions should be all in on defensive free agents. Veteran free agents. Players with NFL experience. The Lions should resign Delmas and CB Chris Houston so they can resume some sort of continuity in the defensive backfield. Second year CB Bill Bentley showed he can play at this level until he, like many others, got injured. If the Lions sign another veteran CB and draft one early in the draft they should be okay next season. However without Defensive Ends it won’t matter who is in pass coverage.

Robert Green