Big Fish


By PFC Blogger Rick Thomas

Although New York Giants’ second-year RB David Wilson was the fantasy darling of the early NFL offseason, attention quickly shifted to the rapidly changing situation in Miami as the Dolphins simultaneously began ignoring Reggie Bush’s advances and heaping praises upon their own second-year RB, Lamar Miller.

Just as had been the case a few weeks earlier with Wilson, Miller’s average draft position (ADP) in both mock and actual fantasy drafts began to skyrocket and a battle royale commenced between those who thought he was over-hyped and those who saw him as the next big thing.

The latest news out of Miami is that the Dolphins are interested in adding either Rashard Mendenhall or Cedric Benson to their backfield, and quite a few fantasy analysts are using their 140 characters in the Twitterverse to take the air out of the balloon for Miller’s potential breakout season. Not me. Miller is a perfect fit for the Dolphins’ zone-blocking scheme. Miller is a patient back with excellent vision and remarkable lateral agility, giving him the ability to allow a hole to develop, see that hole, and most importantly, get to that hole. Additionally, Miller has great burst and runs a 4.4 forty, so once he gets to that hole, he can explode through it and take it to the house on any given carry.

So if you play dynasty league fantasy football, my advice to you is to use this period of uncertainty to your advantage. Miller owners might want to cash in on the hype while they can and sell before the Dolphins sign or draft a back, or they might be in wait-and-see mode, hoping that the Dolphins don’t sign or draft anyone that good.

Honestly, I don’t think now is the time to send a trade offer to a Miller owner, I’d probably wait until the Dolphins actually do sign someone, and then let it sink in a bit. Sending over an offer too soon might make a Miller owner defensive and feel like you are trying to get him on the cheap. However, you know better than me how your league operates, so factor that into your decision as well.

Miller is the real deal. The likes of Rashard Mendenhall or Cedric Benson aren’t a threat to his ability to be a 1,000-yard RB for the Dolphins. If you don’t believe me, go watch some tape on the kid. He’s got patience beyond his years and speed to burn. Don’t let this big fish get away.