Nick Clancy’s Journey Back To Football

Nick Clancy 2

NFL Draft Series by PFC Blogger Chris Brown (@cbreezy2411)

As part of the rookie’s blogs here at ProFootballCentral we continue to talk with potential NFL hopefuls. Today we had a chance to catch up with Boston College Linebacker Nick Clancy.

CB: Good evening Nick, how are you doing tonight?  It has been a few weeks since we last talked, how have you been doing with your rehab?

NC: I’m doing well thanks for asking; last time we talked I was awaiting word from the doctor about my injury.  The update went good, very good actually; we did some x-rays and had seen that the bone had begun to heal faster than expected.  He originally was giving me a six week time table for rehab but since the healing was going faster, I could be back lifting in four weeks which is good news.  The doctor ended up giving me the okay to start training.  It was hard during that time though, having to be told I can’t really workout and have to let the injury heal.  I’m the type of person who has to be moving constantly and always working on bettering myself, but at the same time I didn’t want to jeopardize my future with possibilities of infection.

CB: Well since your getting back into the workout routine, how have they been going? I know last time we talked you had mentioned that you planned on working with Don Beebe right?

NC: Before I was just basically trying not to be lazy and the doctor told me to relax but I’m not like that so I had to be doing something.  I was doing body weight squats before but now that I have the okay I’ve been doing lots of thing.  Don has a facility called House of Speed, which as multiple locations in the states.  I’ve been working with him since I was in middle school so he’s definitely a guy that I’m comfortable working with.  He has a great track record with athletes.  He recently trained Robert Quinn who was a 14th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.  We basically start working out in the afternoon doing a power pull.  It’s a mechanism where the harder you push the easier it gets to pull, it forces you to get moving from your stance, gives you a good lean.  We do a lot of sets of those, full length of the court.  I’ll actually run a 40 yd dash with it behind me, it helps makes me more explosive.  Since, most of the guys who do the 40 yard dash lose their time early in the drill because they get too high in their stance so quickly.  This helps me develop the technique to stay low to the ground throughout the run.  We actually did some film study and watched Olympic sprinters to see how they get out of their breaks.  I feel this will be a good tool to help me at my pro day.  After that we head into the weight room and do a circuit type of workout, which is a combination of explosive moves, stretching and strengthening of muscles.  This training helps me do different movements to help better build stamina.  The drills and activities that we do are very repetitive but at the same time it will build my strength and help me conquer techniques.

CB: Any update on the pro day is it still on March 27th?

NC: It actually just got changed and finalized the other day to March 20th.  This is one week closer than the original plan of the 27th.  Currently my plan was to get down their on the 17th and have the whole week to get used to the turf and then get ready and rest up for the pro day but I will have to change that.  I’m not going to have that week but I like that in a way because I don’t create bad habits leading up to the day.  I actually like that it’s shortened because it will give me two days to rest and get my body at 100% and then crush the pro day.  I’m really looking forward to that and can’t believe that it’s that close.  I’m more than ready to get back out there and prove to everyone that I can handle the next step and excel at the same time.  The injury has put me on the sideline for a brief moment, now I’ve conquered it and have shown I can overcome hardship during my career.

CB: What will you be doing at pro day, is there anything you believe you can excel at?

NC: Well I won’t be doing the 225 bench press based on the injury, I’ll get under a bench press to see how it feels but I don’t want to reinjure it.  I will give all the scouts all the proper paperwork stating why I can’t participate in the event because of the arm injury.  I watched the entire combine and was glued in the whole time, I thought the linebacker’s numbers were a little low.  I honestly believe that I will be able to excel at the 40 yard dash and the 3 cone drill.  I think my lateral side to side movements will be showcased during that event.  Another drill that I believe that I can do well in is the 5-10-5 pro agility.  When I went to the junior combine I had one of the top 5 times in that drill, so I feel I will be able to have the same success in a couple weeks.  I’m excited to run the 40 yard dash which has been my primary focus during training.  I want to put all the training into good use because I know I can keep up with players in the league.

CB: Do you have any college teammates competing with you? What motivation does that bring you when trying to compete?

NC: Yes there will be a few of my roommates that are competing at the pro day as well.  There are a lot guys out there who will try and compete just to say that they could do it because they may never get the chance again.  As far as having them there while competing, I believe it’s a huge advantage because they motivate you even more.  Let’s say your having an off day and having an attitude that you may not be able to compete well, having those guys there to motivate you and give you that extra bit of confidence really goes a long way.  I know I’ll be cheering my friends on as well pushing them and motivating them to perform their best because I want to see them succeed.  When you go into a situation like this, it is better to have people in your “corner” and be behind you to help give you that extra motivation.

CB: Well thank you for taking the time tonight to update us here at ProFootballCentral about your workouts and upcoming pro day.  We look forward to hearing from you after your pro day to see how it all went. We wish you the best of luck.

NC: Thank you Chris, I will be sure to update you guys after the pro day and keep you posted on my future workouts in the next few weeks.

For all those interested, be sure to check and follow Nick on twitter, his handle is @nickclancy54.  Please be sure to check back for more interviews with Nick as well as more NFL hopefuls on ProFootballCentral.