Randy Moss Wants To Play Another Year – Really?


By PFC Blogger:  Shakeel Khan

Twitter: @shakkhan79

As you may have heard by now, the San Francisco 49ers were defeated by the Baltimore Ravens 34-31 in the Super Bowl.  What stood out most in regards to the game wasn’t about WR Michael Crabtree’s 4th and goal controversial play, but about another wide receiver who’s resume is HOF worthy. Randy Moss.

Moss was nowhere to be seen, nowhere to be heard and nowhere to be found.  He was nonexistent in the second biggest game of his career (remember 2007?). The self-proclaimed best WR of all time, on the biggest stage of sports, was a complete no- show.

Perhaps this game will conclude the “freak’s” career as being the third greatest of all time, behind the G.O.A.T Jerry Rice and Mr. ‘I love me some me’ — Terrell Owens.  We know for sure that both Rice and Owens give it all they have on every single play, both in games and practice.  Do you hear us Randy? Getcha popcorn ready.