PFC Rookie Blogs Chris Fenelon FB Stony Brook

This week I have been sharpening my technique before this regional combine I am attending this Saturday. I have been trying to become more consistent in my start for the 40 and in my technique for the shuttle. I know those two tests are crucial for me to excel in.

I actually did not watch the combine this year. Once I heard that my teammate Miguel Maysonet was not running I decided not to watch. I have been watching the combine every year since I was 16. Every year I have gotten excited because I could not wait for my turn. This year I told myself I will focus on me but it’s kind of hard to not watch the combine when it’s all over ESPN.

Once the running backs finished up I checked on the numbers of the participating fullbacks. It definitely provided motivation because I have the confidence that I am able to do better. These are the best in the nation and with the regional combine approaching this Saturday I feel like this is my combine and this is my chance to show that I can be a fullback in the NFL.

As far as my pro day goes I know the stage is set because many scouts will come to see my teammate Miguel Maysonet. I will have my opportunity on March 22nd to perform in front of many teams and I plan to grab their attention. I am excited and blessed for this opportunity and I will try to make the most of it.