49ers Free Agents & Team Needs at WR


By PFC 49ers Blogger Shakeel Khan

With Michael Crabtree coming into his own this past season, a solid number 2 wide out will be pivotal for San Francisco in 2014. Or will it? How about another number 1? In the 80’s and 90’s SF had the GOAT Jerry Rice but on the other side of the ball there was an all pro, number 82 John Taylor.

Arizona did it with Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald earlier this decade, fast forward to 2014, and now the 49ers may be on the same page. Some key free agents in this off-season include:

Mike Wallace: He can stretch the field and strike fear into opposing defenses. He would tremendously help the ground game led by Frank Gore Inc. and open up the middle of the field for TE Vernon Davis to do what he does best. But the big question is, do the 49ers want to dish out that sort of money to Wallace, especially when Crabtree’s contract is up for negotiation in the near future? The way the CBA is structured, if Wallace is willing to play on a one-year deal then this would make sense for both parties. Long shot, but never say never.

Wes Welker: Even though he dropped arguably the most important catch in the Super Bowl against the NY Football Giants, you cannot ignore the amount of balls he has caught for New England time and time again. Rumors are that the New England Patriots restructured Tom Brady’s (so-called less money) contract so they can be positioned to strike a deal with Welker and his agent. Consider this a done deal but if things fall through don’t be flabbergasted to see SF make a run at Welker. A 3 year deal around $8 million per year.

Percy Harvin: The Minnesota Vikings have a disgruntled WR on their roster. Harvin thinks he is in the same conversation with ‘Megatron’ Calvin Johnson and Larry ‘sure hand’ Fitzgerald. Most teams around the league acknowledge that Harvin is a tremendous football player. However, with injuries the past few seasons and battling migraine headaches his entire career thus far, it’s rather difficult to fathom that any team is willing to pay him Johnson & Fitzgerald type money. Harvin can play multiple positions and would excel in Greg Roman’s offense, especially in the pistol, lined up behind Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers are loaded with draft picks and could send some Minnesota’s way before April’s draft.