PFC Rookie Blogs: Arkansas Safety Ross Rasner


I am from Waco, TX. Reicher highscool- graduating class of 36. Leading tackler and interceptions for Arkansas this past year. Leading tackler as DB in the SEC. I am Working out McKinney, TX at Michael Johnson Performance with teammates Dennis Johnson, Knile Davis and Chris Gragg for Pro Day March 15. Our diet is supposed to contain 40% fruit/veggie, 15% whole grains, 45% entree- chicken or fish. I model my game after Roy Williams.

Everyone is an exceptional athlete in the NFL so its going to come down to having the mental edge over your opponent. Also having instincts for where the ball is going to be; knowing tendencies of offenses and watching film. Playing in the SEC is a glimpse of what it’s like on Sundays so that gives me a step on most rookies .