PFC Rookie Blog By Terry Hawthorne CB Illinois

I am excited and anxious for the NFL Combine next week. One of the many goals I wanted to achieve within my athletic career is less than a week away. XPE Sport, Inc. has trained me to reach top performance at the combine. My body has transformed, I am leaner and stronger; I am also eating healthier and have noticed that my speed, agility, and muscle endurance has developed positively to enable me to obtain the goals I have set for myself during the physical and skill tests at the combine.

I have always watched my diet, but while training, I have noticed that I eat foods more for nutrition than for taste. It’s not a difficult diet but I am very strict on myself, so there is absolutely no cheat days or meals. In the end, I know it is all worth it and that diet is the most important for workouts and recovery. A typical week of training consists of workouts three days, a day of yoga/recovery and a couple days focused on speed, position and warm-up drills, and typically one day off. However, even with the scheduled day off, I make sure to create my own drills and get in a good workout.

I have many NFL players I have admired, some notables are Warrick Dunn and Keyshawn Johnson. However, as I prepare to hopefully gain my spot in the NFL, I do not have one person I would like to emulate, but rather I would like to emulate some of the skills and strengths I see of several players. I want to continue to develop my combination of intelligence, instincts and physicality when in coverage; I want to gain even more flexibility and make early contact with receivers than I have in college and then use my speed and covering ability. I want to continue to make it difficult for opposing receivers to not have an easy time getting off the line and running neat pass routes. I aspire to be the fastest, strongest, and a team player who is always one step ahead of the opposing team. Those are some of the skills that great corners in the NFL possess and I want to focus on growing those areas in my game so that I am able to add immediate value to an NFL team. I am ready and excited to earn a spot on one of the 32 teams.