PFC Draft Blog With Travis Chappelear DE Northwest Missouri State


Training in Miami has taught me how to run correctly, use my hips and has helped my lateral footwork. Our workouts are fast paced and hard, they push you past ur limit 5 days a week, it isn’t that bad though because I’m use to living in the weight room. Our diet isnt that bad, we just eat healthy food and alot of protein shakes, nothing I’m not use to doing.

The player I would like to emulate wod be JJ Watt because I remember following him during his combine because me and him have similar body frames and he came from the bottom and worked his way up with hard work.

Every day I workout, I try to compare the things I can do, to the things he did at his combine. Hes an awesome role model and a great inspiration for me. As for the NFL, I know I am a raw player due to the lack of experience and technique, but I believe I have all the tools, and confidence to develop into a good football player.