Catching Up with Rockford Defensive Back EJ Johnson

EJ Johnson 2

By PFC Blogger Chris Brown (@cbreezy2411)

As part of the rookie’s blogs here at ProFootballCentral we continue to talk with potential NFL hopefuls. Today we had a chance to catch up with Rockford Defensive Back EJ Johnson.

CB:  Good afternoon EJ, how’s everything going? Thanks for joining us again here at ProFootballCentral.  We just wanted to touch base with you and see how everything was going with you since our last talk.

EJ:  Hey Chris, everything is going well here in California just grinding and putting in work as much as I can.

CB: So what have you been up to on the training field since we last talked? Where have you been training at?

EJ:  Well when I got back here from school I took about a week or so off so that I could get refocused.  I’ve been pretty much doing my own thing; I got a gym membership at LA Fitness and have been working out there for some time now.  One day while I was there I was taking a brief break from my workout and started to pray and talk to god.  I was asking him to help guide me in my training process.  No lie, all of a sudden a man approached me at the gym.  The man was the current trainer at the facility, and it happened to be former NFL receiver Darren Hall.  He said he had been watching me while I was at the gym; he started to give me some suggestions to help me work on my explosiveness and speed.  He began to be my personal trainer while I was at the gym and I just look at it as a huge blessing.  Having him help me prepare can only aid me going forward because he knows what it takes to get to the next level.  We have been working with the sled, back pedaling exercises as well as doing resistance work.

CB: What are you trying to better? Whether it’s with your on the field work or even off?

EJ: Honestly, I would have to say becoming more spiritual.  I enjoy keeping god first in everything I do.  I’m trying to become a better loving caring father/husband than I am now.  I’m just trying to lead my family the best way I know how and I’m trying to mirror how god would want me to do it.  I want to be an example for my family.  People love to see me make it because of my character; they believe I would be a great example for God.

CB: Keeping with the family subject, how do you manage both family life and football?

EJ: I love my family, it means that I’m full committed at all times. Throughout life there are so many temptations out there that can lead you off the path.  Being committed doesn’t allow for these things to interfere.  The love that I have for my wife and my daughter is amazing. I’m trying to always better and grow individually.  Being able to learn and separate football and family is something I can gain knowledge of.  Football doesn’t last forever but family does.   I’ve been playing football since I’ve been married in 2010 and it hasn’t been easy, marriage is tough but I know that I need to provide for my family and it requires lots of responsibility.  Anything I do, I do it for all of god’s glory, and in return I get blessed with my family and ability to play football.  I just want to be able to give my wife away and take my daughter here and there. Also be able to help my community is something that is very important to me.  Being able to give back to the community shows dedication and builds character.

CB: What excites you the most about the potential of playing in the NFL and also what scares you the most about it?

EJ: The excitement is being able to represent god.  I look forward to playing against the most talented players in the league.  Having the ability to showcase my talents against them would be a great feeling.  You see some athletes out there that struggle from time to time and I want to be the one that can potentially help them out.  A fear that I have about playing in the league would be my pride.  I want to do my best and I don’t want to be the cocky guy who thinks he’s the best. I want to be the humble guy who will stay grounded at all times. I hope to show maturity throughout the entire process.

CB: Any combines in the near future you are planning to attend?

EJ: Yes, actually I’m planning to attend a combine this weekend.  The combine is located in Los   Angeles.  It will be held at Orange Coast College at their Lebard Stadium.  I’m looking forward to standing out amongst everyone else.  Being able to showcase my abilities and represent in a professional matter. I want to put up some numbers that will take them by surprise.  One thing that I do believe in is stated right in the bible’s Roman 8:28 “We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” This meaning everything happens for a reason and will play out regardless.  I’m excited to hopefully be one of the top candidates in my position for the weekend.  The reason being is because they take the top candidates from each position and invite them to the Super Regional Combine which is in April at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

CB: Well we here at ProFootballCentral would like to wish you luck this weekend and we look forward to hearing about it next time we talk. Thanks EJ!

EJ:  Thank you Chris, and I’m looking forward to it.

For all those interested, be sure to check and follow EJ on twitter, his handle is @ejohnsonjr.  Please be sure to check back for more interviews with EJ as well as more NFL hopefuls on ProFootballCentral.