Welker Not The Right Fit For New England


By PFC Writer Brian H

The New England Patriots are torn on whether to make WR Wes Welker one of the highest paid wideouts in the league and for good reason. The Patriots may not be able to afford Welker, with $18 million in free cap space, using the Franchise Tag again on Welker would eat up over 60 percent of it. Welker is intent on signing a longer term deal.

Ever since 2007 when Welker arrived in New England, he has been the crutch Tom Brady as needed to make clutch plays during the regular season but not during the post season when they really mattered.

Welker will be 32 this offseason, already past the time when receivers start to break down, even ones who aren’t 5-foot-9 and haven’t taken the amount of damage he has taken. There is no doubt, Wes is one of the toughest receivers to ever play the game but unfortunately that does not mean he should be the highest paid wideout in the league for one reason. Zero Super Bowl rings.

Welker is looking for a long term deal but signing him to a contract that will end when he is 39 or 40 years old makes no sense. Should he be paid in the top wideout category? Lets look at Calvin Johnson who is the cream of the crop at 27 years old. Johnson already has 54 touchdowns more than Welkers 37 in 3 less years. This league is solely built on the long ball and receivers like Johnson, Julio Jones and Larry Fitzgerald exhibit that which is why they are very well paid when an interior wideout like Welker gets left behind because he is not catching the long pass despite having a 11.2 average . Megatron has a 16.1 average.

The Patriots have already locked in tight ends Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski so they have addressed the interior part of there passing game making a player like Welker not a priority. The Patriots need a deep threat receiver which means Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe and Steelers WR Mike Wallace more of a target for New England due to the team not believe in that Brandon Lloyd can be a legitimate number 1 wideout on a cornerback heavy AFC East.