Danny Smith You Will Be Missed

By PFC Redskins Blogger Dujunnea Bland

The longest tenured coach in Redskins history Danny Smith is leaving. Smith has been the Redskins Special teams coach since 2004, but the unit has but up and down.

The writing had pretty much been on the wall for Danny as his special teams unit finished 31st in the league overall performance this year.
In 2011 this Unit was just awful, both Gano and Cundiff were very inconsistent. They allowed 5 blocks in that’s season and Brandon banks had 7 fumbles.

This year they managed to fix the kicking woes by signing an unproven Kai Forbath and boy did they hit the jackpot on that one. Brandon Banks who Coach Smith hung his hat on and pleaded for the Skins to keep him was a let down again this season. Making bad decision and struggling to get decent field position for the offense.

Smith will go to Pittsburgh and fill the same position there. It really isn’t that the Redskins organization did like him and he was loved by the fans, but sometimes it’s just time to move on. I really liked the fact that Brue Allen Mike Shanahan allowed him to interview and get a job somewhere else that he was interested in going to. This allowed Smith to leave with dignity.

Regardless of the outcome Redskins nation really appreciate Danny Smiths enthusiasm on the sideline and his tough love. No matter what their ranking was you could never say that those guys wouldn’t run threw a wall for him. Thank you for your service Mr. Smith you will be missed.