Who Will Be The Raiders QB In 2013?

By PFC Raiders Blogger Marcus Shepard

2012 was a horrifying season for the Raiders and their fans. After finishing 8-8 on back to back years Al Davis passed away and the Raiders signed Reggie McKenzie from the Packers gut their coaches, and he hired Dennis Allen as his first Head Coach. Of the few bright spots in this Oakland team was Carson Palmer. Palmer played like an above average quarterback even with the Raiders wider receivers’ production dropping.
However, Palmer did have many “garbage time” numbers were the Raiders were down big and were playing catch up.

Many of the Raider fans think that 2nd year QB Terrelle Pryor should be the starter this upcoming year because of his athletic abilities and his potential. In week 17, Pryor had his first start in the NFL draft against the San Diego Chargers.

Although Pryor did impress and played better than most writers thought, he was still inconsistent and showed sloppy footwork and accuracy. Against the chargers Pryor was 13/28 with 150 yards 46.4% comp and two touchdowns with one interception. To me the Raiders should stick with Palmer with his ridiculous contract (that needs to be restructured) and keep Pryor as a backup and let him learn for another season.

However, there is a QB that I like out there for the Raiders in the draft. Geno Smith QB out of West Virginia isn’t an elite prospect, though; he has the tools become a franchise quarterback. Smith looks to be the number one quarterback in this year’s draft even though he skipped the Senior Bowl, (that may have boosted his stock with the poor play of other QBs.)

Raider fans may be nervous with this pick because of what happened in 2007 with the selection of JaMarcus Russell. Though Smith isn’t anything like Russell, he isn’t an overweight QB that has a codeine syrup problem and isn’t lazy. Smith has NFL QB arm strength, but not elite arm strength. He possesses a genuine NFL combination of size, arm strength, and mobility.

Smith could be the franchise QB the Raiders have been looking at for years. Some say that Geno doesn’t play under center a lot is a concern. His coach Dana Holgorsen’s has a high-octane passing attack that is very similar to other NFL offenses from schematically point of view. Geno did play under center his first two years before Holgorsen was hired, so Smith knows how to play under center and that isn’t a legitimate concern for him.

There has been a rumor floating around the NFL that the Raiders like Smith. I would like the move of Smith; though, I think that the Raiders need to focus on defense, especially a pass rusher and defensive back. All in all, The Raiders should keep Palmer and restructure his contract, groom Pryor into becoming a NFL QB, and focus on defensive this upcoming draft.