Spiller, Byrd and Williams Announced As Pro Bowl Replacements

By PFC Bills Blogger Chris Brown

Buffalo Bills CJ Spiller, Jairus Byrd and Kyle Williams have been named to this year’s 2013 NFL Pro Bowl Team due to the Baltimore Ravens AFC Championship win.  The trio have been named as replacements to their respective positions.  Spiller will be replacing Ray Rice.  Many believe Spiller should have been named to the team in the first place over Rice.  CJ had 1244 yards on 207 carries while Rice had 1143 yards on 257 carries.  Byrd may have been the biggest snub of the AFC roster, he will be taking the place of Ed Reed.  Reed got the nod over Byrd even though Byrd had a better statistical year.  Byrd had 5 interceptions to Reed’s 4, Byrd had 76 tackles to Reed’s 58.  Byrd also forced four fumbles, Reed never managed a forced fumble this year.  Kyle Williams will be taking the place of Haloti Ngata.  Both of these players have made the Pro Bowl in years past.  Williams is a dominate force on the defensive side of the ball, he will frustrate offensive lineman with his brut force.  This news comes abruptly, the Bills players will have to be in Hawaii by tomorrow in order to make team meetings.  Wings Up Bills!