Exclusive Interview With DE Jarvis Green

By PFC Blogger Chris Brown

?So who is Jarvis Green exactly? Jarvis is a former NFL defensive end who most notably played for the New England Patriots. Before his stint in the NFL, Green attended Louisiana State University where he was a star defensive end. During his freshman year he set the freshman record with eight sacks starting in only 10 games. He followed that up his sophomore year with seven sacks. During his senior season he was voted a second team All-SEC selection.
Following his collegiate career, Jarvis was drafted with the 126th pick in the fourth round of the NFL draft by the New England Patriots. Green played eight seasons with the Patriots. His NFL career ended abruptly due to back surgery which took him off the field. Jarvis totaled 28 sacks during his time with the Patriots. He is also a two time Super Bowl Champion (XXXVIII & XXXIX).

Jarvis was gracious enough to take time and do a Q&A with ProFootballCentral.com and speak about various topics.

What is the Jarvis Green Foundation?

It was set up after Hurricane Katrina; the mission of the Jarvis Green Foundation is to provide support to single working mothers in disadvantaged, low-income areas whose lives have been affected by tragedy. The foundation also extends it help to others in the country. Just recently we helped donate 10,000 pounds of shrimp to victims of Tropical Storm Sandy. The shrimp helped to serve 400-500 people in the local area. The foundation felt like they needed to give back to those in the northeast because they came down and helped when Hurricane Katrina devastated the gulf coast.

What the next opportunity/goal for the foundation?

Goal is to help out those in Southern Louisiana who are looking to become first time home buyers. Working in conjunction with my construction company COMNet, we are looking to help repair damaged houses and put them back on the market for first time buyers.

What is the Expo for “Careers in Sports…Professionals Who Play Outside the Lines”, and as a panelist, what do you plan to talk about?

The expo is where 500 high school students from the New Orleans area come and listen to guest speakers who will talk about an array of topics about careers. The event will teach students that hard work and determination will pay off in the long run. The talking topic of choice will be about the restaurant and food industries. During the event, I plan to tell these students that the earlier they start their careers the better. Also, when you obtain a job you need to stress about working as hard as you can at that job. This will also be a time for me to talk about my life experiences with my previous internships and also the job that I had while at LSU. It will go to show them that you can be an student- athlete and work at the same time.

What is your feeling on concussions? With the recent news that came out about Junior Seau, do you believe the NFL needs to change their procedures immediately?

The league should have taken and made changes years ago. I would say that they should have at least made changes three to four years ago. Players are getting hurt left and right by these head injuries, which are costing them their careers and most importantly their life. I can remember when I was with the Patriots in 2005; it was the game against the Cleveland Browns, where I was knocked out cold. Once I came to they brought me over to the bench, and began having me answer a series of questions. If I answered those questions correctly I was allowed to go back into play. The procedures today are lengthy compared to years ago but still need to be stricter. These players want to get on the field as soon as they can because their careers may be on the line, so they risk their life. The higher priced athletes are expected to be tough and recover from anything.

Being a former Patriot, what is your prediction for this weekend’s matchup against Houston Texans?

I see it being an explosive game with a lot of offense and no defense what so ever, I don’t have a final score but I will predict that the Patriots win by fourteen.

Thank you, Jarvis, for taking the time to answer these questions. Good luck with the foundation and we look forward to speaking with you in the future!