Manning was the Colts

     One thing most can agree on is that Peyton Manning is a player you would want as your teams franchise player.  He knew the offense so well that he was like having am offensive coordinator on the field.  He did all the right things on and off the field.
  Its possible the Colts wanted to avoid the clusterfudge situation of the Green Bay Packers with Brett Favre and Aaron rodgers.  The Colts are going to draft Stanford QB Andrew Luck and like Favre, Manning is at the final stages of his Hall of Fame career.
  The Indianapolis Colts had to look at it from the perspective of playing without him they were so bad they have the number one overall pick.  They will be close to that next year as well.  If the Colts kept him around to mentor Luck he wouldn’t get the experience of the NFL game under his belt.  Now without Manning around Luck can take the team over. Then when they are contenders again Luck will be ready and experienced.
  In today’s NFL, players very rarely play entire careers in one city.  The Colts were nothing before him and without him.  However, Colts owner had to make the best move for the organization.  Financially it is, morally it doesn’t matter because the NFL is a business.

@BigBANKBob      Bobby Green