’s Exclusive Interview With Bills WR Brad Smith

Here is our exclusive interview with Bills WR Brad Smith.







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1-) Talk about the tough season last year what do you think happened?

Brad Smith- I think injuries caught up to us a little bit. We lost a bunch of starters so we lost a little chemistry . I think Coach Gailey did a great job last season we just couldn’t stay healthy at the right times.

2-) Talk about Stevie Johnson just signing a brand new deal.

Brad Smith- I think it’s awesome for Stevie and this team. He does a lot of great things on the field and he is a very good person. I knew something was up when I saw him on Monday with a suit jacket on because he never wears suits so I knew something good was going on.

3-) Talk about his on field entertainment celebrations?

Brad Smith- I think it’s good for the fans because they are paying there hard earn money to be entertained but the league is in a tough spot trying to make sure things don’t get too carried away.

4-) Talk about that last game with NE where coach Gailey benched Johnson, what did you think of that?

Brad Smith- I stand by coach Gailey 100%, he told everyone if it happens again there will be a punishment for it. So it happened and he stuck to his word which you have to respect, he does what he said he would do.

5-) What do you think of the new beard that coach Chan Gailey has been sporting lately?

Brad Smith- You know what’s funny? I saw him the other day and had to do a double take. I really like the beard look and hope he does the Braylon Edwards look that would be hilarious.

6-) Whats your opinion on this Bounty Gate from a receiver standpoint?

Brad Smith- You do hear defenses talking about hitting a receiver in the middle so he won’t want to catch passes over the middle again which is part of the game.

7-) Let’s talk about your role next season. Chan Gailey recently called you a 3 headed monster with WR, WildCat and Special Teams. What do you expect your role to be?

Brad Smith- I am willing to play whatever role this team needs me to play. I’d even play guard or tackle if need be. Its all about winning whatever ,it takes to win.

Let’s play GM here, what would you do this free agency to make this team better?

Brad Smith- I’d hate to be GM !! I’d really focus on the team we have here, we have some great players who just need more time around this coaching staff to get better. I am a team guy and I like what we have ob this team. I’d continue to build on what we started last year. We did have a tough season last year but we all learned what it was like to be on top them on bottom it was a good learning experience.

9-) Lets talk about the draft. You are the GM of the Colts who would you draft and build your team around? Andrew Luck or RG3?

Brad Smith- Peyton Manning. If Peyton is even at 95% that’s better than most players in this league.

10-) Gotta ask you then what if the Bills are one of those teams interested in Peyton Manning. What would you think of that? Would that ruin moral?

Brad Smith- I have been part of that before with the Jets with Favre coming in when Chad Pennington was the locker room leader and it does hurt continuity a little. After while you have to focus on doing your job and helping the team win. It helps but at the same time it may disrupt things a little.

11-) Brought draft up earlier, you think you can beat your 4.46 40 time?

Brad Smith- I think so, i run alot more now .

12-) Heard you are a big gamer what do you play?

Brad Smith- I’m a big PS3 fan, I play NBA2k alot and when I am on XBox I play Halo as well.

13-) I heard there were a few players in that lockeroom who can beat you in NBA2K that true?

Brad Smith- All lies! the only one who beat me before is Naaman Roslevelt. Thats about it.

14-) Talk about David Clowney, an old teammate getting signed by Buffalo?

Brad Smith- Very tough fastplayer who will fit right in to this lockeroom . He can play special teams very well.

15-) Lets talk about the True Foundation your fantastic foundation?

Brad Smith- My wife and I started the foundation 3 years ago we work to promote education, discipline, and organized activity for youth in the community. Boys and girls throughout the greater Youngstown Ohio area and beyond are able to learn new skills, work on properly performing known skills, and work to carry out organized instructions.