Childress Says He Is Willing To Wait For Favre

Sid Hartman of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports Vikings coach Brad Childress is willing to wait for a decision by Brett Favre. “He is pushing to see if he feels like he can make it back. He is not going to play this game unless he can play the way that everybody is used to seeing him play, and it is a work in progress,” Childress said earlier this week. “I know everyone gets concerned about, is it the fourth of July, is it the week of the 13th, is it the week of the 20th now, when is it going to be? “It doesn’t have to be a minute before training camp, but I think if he is going to do that, he won’t miss a day of training camp.” Childress added, “I think he is a top-five passer in the NFL, and obviously if he has all of his faculties, if he can play the way he wants to, there is no reason he can’t be that way.”