What Our Sources Are Telling Us

We here at ProFootballCentral.com would like to try something a little new called “What Our Sources Are Telling Us” and here is our first installment. Note: We cannot say that these reports are 110% accurate because as everyone knows on every single football site out there, is that sources can be wrong.

Our sources believe that it is more than a lock that the Lions draft Matthew Stafford with the first overall pick.

Our sources believe that offensive tackle Jason Smith will be the Rams second overall pick.

The Kansas City Chiefs are reportedly torn 50/50 on whether to draft linebacker Aaron Curry or tackle Eugene Monroe.

The Seattle Seahawks are a huge wildcard in this draft. The reports that we are hearing is that they hope the Chiefs draft Monroe so they can debate between quarterback Mark Sanchez and linebacker Aaron Curry. However don’t be surprised if the Seahawks trade out of this spot and draft a running back in the later round, either Chris “Beanie” Wells or Knowshon Moreno.

The Cleveland Browns are torn 50/50 on whether to draft defensive end Brian Orakpo or receiver Michael Crabtree with there fifth overall pick.

The New York Jets do want to trade up and get Mark Sanchez before Jacksonville does and the number four pick looks perfect for that.

The Buffalo Bills and the Philadelphia Eagles appear close to be completing a deal that will send Jason Peters to the Eagles for one of there first round picks. The big issues in this trade are the following, the agent for Jason Peters wants a long term deal in place with Philadelphia before the deal is signed and the Bills are trying to get the 21st pick overall instead of what Philadelphia is offering which is the 28th pick overall.

With the 21st pick that the Bills are hoping to acquire they would love to draft either Cal center Alex Mack, defensive end/linebacker Everette Brown or linebacker Rey Maualuga while drafting Brandon Pettigrew with there first pick.

Florida wideout Louis Murphy looks to be doing and saying all the right things and will be climbing up draft boards while his teammate Percy Harvin is fall off draft boards.

Texas A&M quarterback Stephen McGee is a surprise name to look out for in this years draft.

Several team officials in Cincinnati are now second guessing there decision to turn away two first round picks last year from Washington for Chad Johnson because this year they can barely get one first round pick from any team.