And The Jason Peters Saga Continues

By PFC Bills Writer David Marciano

As we head into spring, and then summer the Buffalo Bills will start to get ready for the 2009 campaign.  Another year of training camp and another year of possibly marking Jason Peters absent on roll call.  The Buffalo Bills and the Pro-Bowl Left Tackle cannot agree on a dollar figure.   Jason Peters believes he is worth the highest paid Left Tackle in the game.  The Bills do not.  It’s as simple as that, and the Bills have good reason to think otherwise.  There have been trade rumors whirling around the internet that would have Peters shipped to Philadelphia, but for now those rumors are just that, rumors.  Although, the Eagles seem to be a logical fit for the Bills and Mr. Peters.  The Eagles own two, 1st round draft choices in the upcoming draft, and they have a glaring hole to fill after the departure of their Left Tackle Tra Thomas.   If the Bills can get a 1st round pick, heck even a 2nd round pick for Peters they should jump at it.  It has become quite obvious that Mr. Peters doesn’t respect the only organization that was willing to give him a chance to play in the NFL.  It’s become quite apparent that he will not play for the Bills unless the money makes sense to him.

What price does make sense to him?  That’s the question on everyone’s mind.  Does he really think he deserves to be rewarded for giving up 11.5 sacks in 13 games, which was 31st in the league amongst left tackles?  Should he be rewarded because he made it to the Pro-Bowl in consecutive years, with an obviously flawed voting system?  I don’t, and I don’t think the Bills do either.  They do, however think he deserves a raise and I’m okay with that.  I think he is worth more than what they’re paying him, just not the absurd amount he wants.  The bottom line is that there were 30 other left tackles in the league who essentially had a better year and were more deserving of the Pro-Bowl selection.  So the question remains, should a guy with the worst stats in the league make the most money?  Absolutely not.

In 2007 Jason Peters had a very dominate year and completely deserved the Pro-Bowl selection, I don’t think there’s any debating that.  But, does one Pro-Bowl year entitle him to a hefty raise in pay?  What happened to playing 2 or 3 years at a Pro-Bowl level and proving your worth to the organization, and then request a hefty pay raise?  It was a good thing the Bills stuck to their word and didn’t budge.  So at the beginning of training camp in 2008 there was no sign of Jason Peters, a hold out until week 1 of the regular season.  Not only hurting himself, the organization, but also his teammates, as well.  Throughout training camp his teammates had to play out of position due to his absence and selfish ways.  Then his play on the field in 2008 which average at best, at times a bit below average.  And after a sub par year in 2008 he is demanding to be the highest paid tackle in the game.  Based on what? I would love to ask him.

Based on giving up more sacks than just about every tackle that put on a uniform in 2008.  He must be basing it on the fact that he made back to back Pro-Bowls.  An honor just about every Bills fan knows he didn’t deserve.  The numbers don’t lie, he was outplayed badly by rookies, veterans, and just about everyone else in between.  The NFL Pro-Bowl voting is a joke, and it’s based on who was there the year before, especially for Offensive Lineman.  It’s hard for me to believe that a cornerback from New Orleans knows whether or not a Left Tackle in Buffalo played well.  It’s déjà vu all over again in Bills country.  Does Ruben Brown ring a bell?  Ruben Brown played 8 seasons with the Buffalo Bills and somehow he went to Pro-Bowl after Pro-Bowl and left the Bills fans scratching their heads.  Once you become a staple in the Pro-Bowl voting it really doesn’t matter how you play your going to get voted in, Especially Offensive Linemen.

The main problem with Jason Peters is that he believes he is better at what he does than he really is, a classic “legend in his own mind”.   He epitomizes the selfish “me” first attitude that has corrupted US sports.  The pay me or I won’t play attitude and it’s disgusting, especially coming from an un-drafted free agent tight end.  Someone needs to remind Jason, that if it weren’t for the Bills he’d be flipping burgers somewhere.  There was an article posted in The Buffalo News where Peters discussed is Pro-Bowl selection and was quoted as saying “That’s why I play the game, to get to Hawaii.”  Take a second and let that soak in.  He plays to get to Hawaii, WOW.  Hey, Jason what happened to playing to win the game?

What happened to playing to get to the post-season?  What happened to playing to get to the Super bowl, what happened to playing because it’s what you love to do? What happened to playing for the sheer competitiveness of the game?  No, he plays to get an all inclusive trip to Hawaii that he doesn’t deserve in the first place.  People want to criticize T.O for being a cancer to a football team; well you know what Mr. Peters isn’t far behind.  The difference between them is that T.O will talk the talk and then walk the walk, and Jason Peters is all talk.  T.O has a competitive fire in him, where he wants to win and win badly, and Peters won’t even show up unless he gets what he wants.  Jason Peters for a 3rd. rounder is even worth considering.