Hopefully T.O. Brings T.D.’s

By PFC Bills Writer David Marciano

Well it’s been a very interesting off season for the Buffalo Bills.  Where do I begin?  Oh, yeah, The Buffalo Bills signed free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens.  The signing of T.O brought along with it immediate excitement amongst Bills fans, as well as, speculation.  Russ Brandon and the upper hierarchy at One Bills Drive totally put all their eggs in one basket.  They are taking a chance on a high profile, high reward, highly controversial personality.  A gamble needed to liven up and stale and sometimes painfully boring football team.  A gamble that was as much as a PR move as it was to improve the product on the field.  And you know what?  I’m all for it.  Not only did the Bills add a premier Wide Receiver, they also made themselves relevant again, (at least for the time being), which is tough in the star powered division we call the AFC EAST.  In a division with Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Bill Parcells, and the NY Jets it was very easy to overlook and discard the Bills, until now.  As a fan of the Bills, it’s going to be nice to watch NFL highlights and actually get some air time.   It’s going to be nice to be the first team primetime shows on their highlight reels, instead of waiting until 7:55 to catch a highlight.

T.O will add everything the Bills lacked as an offense for the last decade or so.  He brings playmaking ability, physicality, size, strength, determination, attention from opposing defenders, and above all, a will to win.  It’s no secret the Bills struggle mightily in the red zone.  T.O is an instant upgrade and automatically enhances there red zone offense just by stepping on the field.  The past two season T.O has caught 25 TD passes, while the Bills receivers combined for 26 TD in that same span.   He adds a dimension to the Bills they have lacked for years, a red zone presence, and a TD machine if you will.  Trent Edwards must be foaming at the mouth like a rabid Pit Bull just thinking about it.  Trent Edwards has to be ecstatic.  As he enters a pivotal year in his career he finally gets some help from the front office.   As a QB in this league that’s all you can really ask for is more weapons, and Trent you got a Bazooka.  Picture it, T.O and Evans split out wide, Reed where he belongs in the slot, and Lynch and Jackson coming out of the back field.  On paper it looks like it would give the 85 Bears fits, but it now up to the coaches and players to execute and get her done.  Easier said, than done.  And, Oh yeah, for all this to work,  TO has to be on his best behavior.

There is a downside to this possibly explosive offense.  The newly acquired bazooka I mentioned above has a knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.  T.O has a knack for alienating his QB, his offensive coordinator, and other players on the offensive side of the ball.  He has a knack for complaining about not getting the ball thrown to him enough.  I won’t rush to pass judgment on him, yet.  But as a Bills fan and for all those Bills fans out there we just hope he is on his best behavior.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  If history repeats itself, we should have no worries.  T.O is always on his best behavior in his 1st year with a new team.  His 1st year with Philly went as smooth as a baby’s tush, same in Dallas, it’s those 2nd, and 3rd years where he begins to unravel like a ball of yarn.   So kudos to the Bills front office for identifying that and only giving him a one year deal.  Not only should the Bills expect a well behaved T.O, but also a T.O who is playing for another contract at the end of the year.  It looks like a win, win for the Bills.  If T.O behaves they will have a very productive Wide Out, and he will tremendously help the progression of their young Quarterback.   He will give them a better chance to win week in and week out.  He will help Lee Evans get open more.  And hopefully he will instill a winning attitude and winning culture back into Buffalo.   On the other side of it, if he can’t behave, and he starts trouble, it’s a one year deal and you can cut ties with him after the 09 season.