Transactions and Distractions…All in a Day’s Work

By PFC Writer Wayne Lin

The Texans cut more players, this time cutting ties with Ephraim Salaam, Anthony Weaver and Will Demps. Demps, the oft-confused safety played inconsistently with the Texans. Weaver and Salaam looked to be safe, but that is not the case with a new-look club. Weaver will end his career as a Texan with only one sack. Salaam wasn’t cut due to performance issues, but rather his age. When Duane Brown took over his starting position it was all but done for Salaam. Salaam has spent 11 years in the league, two years above the NFL average for offensive linemen. These latest rounds of cuts are indicative of developing a stronger ball club.
No one is safe heading into training camp. The Texans are past the rebuilding stage as evidenced by their 8-8 records in 2007 and 2008. Two or three players can determine a playoff position in the brutal AFC. Houston seems to be busy this off season dealing with the distractions of illegal contact drills, preparing for the draft, cutting players and breaking in new defensive coaches. One major distraction this off season is whether or not the Texans will trade Sage Rosenfels for unconditional draft picks. The proposed deal would send Rosenfels to the Vikings for a second round pick. Details are still pending, however, Rosenfels could end up being in Matt Schaub’s position when he signed with Houston two seasons ago. Schaub was Michael Vick’s backup but played well enough to warrant a large contract from Houston. Rosenfels has backed up Schaub each of his two seasons, but played as if he was a starter on some occasions. Rosenfels had 15 touchdown passes on ’07, and had six touchdowns in ’08, but had 10 interceptions. The journeyman could pay off largely with obtaining a second round pick, but it remains to be seen who will be replacing Rosenfels if he leaves. The Vikings, however, isn’t the only team interested in Rosenfels. The Bengals and St. Louis are amongst clubs interested in Rosenfels for either insurance or competition.

Then there’s the issue of Houston playing the free agent market. Many of the free agents this season are in a position to garner large contracts, contracts that may force the Texans to the edge of the salary cap. It could work out beneficially for the Texans to develop the players they have or draft instead of hitting a high-priced free agency market.

There’s never a dull day in NFL…and the Texans are an example of that. Stay tuned for more developing news.