My Thoughts on Today

By PFC Writer JP King

Okay, so as you sit there and enjoy your morning coffee remember that today is the day. The day that is not only the Super Bowl, and not only about the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Stealers, but it’s about the history. Inevitably, history will be made as we will crown the 2009 Super Bowl Champions, and one of these two teams will walk away with the biggest honor and richest prize in this great game and sport.

Still, the question that remains is just who will walk away as this year’s Super Bowl Champs? The buzz around work seems to be that Pittsburg will dominate and destroy the Cardinals, and it won’t be pretty. Yet, after talking with friends in Arizona, they seem to think, and believe that Arizona, despite their underdog status, is going to pull it out, and show the world just what their made of.

In this writers opinion it’s all about the edge and just who has it. Now, I’m not referring to the edge of who the favorite is, or who is least likely to fold under pressure. Instead, what I am referring to is the edge of probable cause, and attitude. You see if Pittsburg goes into this game, and brings anything less than their A-Game as a means of underestimating the Cardinals, than all I can say is that they should expect nothing short of a defeat. A much deserved defeat.

Yet, this is all based upon pure speculation. However, honestly the Steelers need to understand that a great many have been defeated, despite their overwhelming chances and predictions of being the favorite. So, there you have it folks, I know I’ll watch the game and enjoy some B-grade beer, and hopefully both teams will bring their A-Game, and make it a historic match-up in which only one will be crowned the champions.