The Big Red Rage

By PFC Cardinals Writer Kelley Smelser

18 point lead toward the end of the first half of the NFC Championship Game at University of Phoenix Stadium . The pooch kick was up hit perfectly an Eagle touched it, and a Cardinal recovered! The officials blew the play dead called it out of bounds and gave it to the Eagles, non-reviewable! I went into a rant stomping the aluminum decking from the additional seating like a giant drum. My eyes glassed over red and I began a screaming Bull-Shit with the flock of other Cardinal fans. I was about to join the mob and take over the field in the TV timeout when I looked over my shoulder and seen the reaction on the Eagles fans behind Me. In a moment of clarity

I imagined what my red face, bulging veins and glassy eyes must look like. I was wrong, I was scaring the children. So this is what a Championship Home games does to a get down and waller on the field naked Arizona Cardinal Football Club Fan!

I cooled my feathers and set down and collected myself and my composure.

My guts told me that more points before the half was needed and then from the cheap seats it looked like A Card player stole the ball from an Eagle on a pass and it was reviewed, the jumbo-tron didn’t show it there was real concern that a riot was about break out. A text message from home revealed that the ball hit the ground, the replay got it right.  The greatness of the Cardinal plays in the first half was not enough; we were starving for a win. Cardinal Fans were celebrating at half time and I warned anyone that would listen that the Eagles would come out Swinging, and they did!

Bomb stop bomb stop bomb what a comeback. When the Eagles took the lead by 1 point in the 4th quarter, an Eagles fan ripped off his Cardinal shirt revealing an Eagles jersey underneath. The 20 something beer guzzling Cardinal kid next to me went ballistic for a few minutes. His mom asked me for help if he got in a fight with an Eagles fan. I shouted at him to act right, were not from Philadelphia ! Like I had a lot of room to talk! It was the most exciting live event I have ever been too, I’ve been to 2 county fairs, a hanging and a goat cutting and I have never seen anything like this. The Cardinal offense took charge and drove down the field for the win of our lifetime.

I hugged a stranger and he fought away from me! Then my office manager who found me a last minute ticket, I double hugged her in the air! I think I broke her!

I would love to get down with the numbers like Edges commitment, Kurt Warners 140+ QB rating and Larry Fitzgerald’s acrobats into super stardom. There was interception and lost fumble by Aaron Francisco and Adrian Wilsons thumping of Mcnabb causing the fumble. But the true story of that day was over 70,000 towel waving fanatics starving for Championship and the underrated team that delivered!

We want the Super Bowl win, we remain hungry for success, yet to ME it was more exciting than maybe the best Super Bowl ever last year. This NFC Championship was at home, with our fans and our Arizona Cardinals doing it together. We did this together! Together, against the odds and the naysayers, Las Vegas and the officials, the NFL and the world, we changed our Stars!

Now it is time for hype, Media day and projections for the Super Bowl. We enjoyed the celebrations last year in Glendale . Arizona is buzzing with a fan base mushrooming 10, 20, 30 fold in less than a month! The entire world bleeds our team’s colors whether they want to or not. We remain the underdog again and again and again and again, but win or lose The Arizona Cardinals are always an entertaining, exciting professional football team. As toughness is measured in what you can take rather than what you can dish out, our fans and our club is tempered by the flames of adversity. We are past due for this season and battling like their trying to take it away from US! We believe!