Detroit’s Downfall

By PFC Lions Writer JP King

It can openly and honestly be said that Detroit has been on a downward spiral for many years. Some call it the players, while others say that from a leadership perspective, there has not been a good coach in years. Regardless of which side of the argument you are taking, there is one thing that Detroit needs to and has not focused on. That of course would have to be Detroit’s overall confidence and the need for confidence within the game of football.

This is an important and key aspect not only in the NFL or in College football, but it has so much to do with the game as a whole. Since I’ve been around and have had the experience of getting to know many long-time football fans and former collegiate players from way back when, many of us forget the key element of confidence within the hard hitting action that takes place within the game. Okay, so by now you may be saying; what’s your point? Also, you could say that this seems like a redundant statement, a bad argument, or common knowledge.

Well, if this were common knowledge, than how is it exactly, and I mean to a tee, that you would explain Detroit’s 0-17 season? Furthermore, as football fans, why is it that we question so much as we watch from the sidelines or the comfort of our own homes? Many of us sit and say what a player or team should have, or could have done better during the action or after the game, but what it is often left in the shadows of football is that it’s so much more than just a physical sport. It’s truly psychological as well.

As this relates to Detroit, a long time ago the Lions lost their edge, and confidence. Therefore in many regards, many of the fans went the same direction. Yes, of course the leadership from a coaching perspective is a huge issue, and all in all the team itself hasn’t been structured in the right manner. However, regardless of the logistical issues, the overall problem is that a team cannot possibly win with a mindset, and shaky ground attitude that is put forth with a lack of confidence.

From here, it is my hope that Detroit doesn’t just remember the old saying; “there’s always next season.” Instead I believe that Detroit needs to focus on the mental as well as physical aspects of the game, and put both aspects on an equal and level playing field. By doing so, those of us in Detroit won’t have to find any need to wear 0-17 t-shirts, and there’s a possibility that maybe in the future Detroit could be wearing championship rings.