Thomas Jones Clarifies Favre Comments

New York Jets running back Thomas Jones clarified on Friday his critical comments of earlier this week on Brett Favre, saying he would expect the record-setting quarterback to answer questions the same way about him if he had performed poorly in a key game. “I’ve got most respect for Brett,” Jones said in an interview on ESPN’s First Take. “He’s one of the best quarterbacks of all-time. He’s a great teammate, you know, he brought a lot to our team this year.” Jones said his aim in doing the radio interview Tuesday with New York’s Hot 97 FM wasn’t to talk about Favre or the Jets but to promote his music business. “I didn’t go up there [to] participate in Brett Favre questions,” he said. “So when she asked me the question about interceptions, I answered it, as far as how I felt from the game — the Miami game.”