Edge: This Is Your Future

By PFC Writer Kelley Smelser

I’ve had Edges back for 2 years when most are dogging on him. I’ll continue to go to war and appreciate everything he’s done in the history books and for the Cardinals.
This pay thing keeps coming up which begs this question,  what back is going to get 1000 yards (if given the opportunity) for the Cardinals even if it it takes 325 carries and earn 5 Million or less? Tim Hightower?

JJ Arrington? A rookie? Just where are the Cardinals to find a top 10 back with or without playoff experience that can produce 1000 yards without injury for 5 million or under?

How the Cardinals and there fans treat Edgerrin James will have a lot to do with what free agents sign here in the future and for what price. He has gave respect to this organization  and must receive that same respect from this team. AP Player of The Year Peyton Manning, and others have an eye on this free agent signing and treatment of the top active rushing leader that went from #14 all time to #12 all time in this last 100 yard game. Edgerrin James, who is expected to be a shoe in for the Hall Of Fame, should be threatening #8 all time but he was benched for a rookie that worships him and averaging 2.8 YPC with 10 TD”S.

No I was not wrong, I will not back down and I am disappointed that so many fans did not have his back when he needed us. Heck, Indy fans still have his back totally to this day, does the Colt’s Team. Sad day for the Cardinals even if they offered an extension at 5 million a year after next year Edge will say no. Unless there is some respect and gratitude and some playoff wins bonding.

We are going to have a lesser back for more money next year and we may never see another top 12 active leading all time rusher ever in Arizona or anywhere else.

If you want love give love
If you want respect give respect
If you want resentment, Give Resentment
It will come back 10 fold!

Smushdown Edge
Thanks for the effort and the production
You are a football HERO My favorite since Leroy Kelly
Thank you for being a Cardinal

I have Whisenhunts back too, Edge is late in his career! He is just smart enough to save Edge for the playoffs and a run at the title maybe more to Edge at this point than #11 all time if his head is on straight. Edge has been great with fresh legs at the start of each season and slows down through the season. Point is, a fresh Edgerrin James is the solution to the Cardinals  offensive problems rather than the problem.

He is a treasure to be cherished rather than a piece of trash to be tossed under the new light rail and by god, that is in the fans job description. It has everything to do with us! Don’t count on Sportscenter for a positive statement about the Cardinals unless we back them in the corner with a blow out against Atlanta .

Everytime Edge touches the ball,  I see history unfolding, I crave it. I mean LT is slowing down and he may never get where Edge has already been. Like I said a few have. I like Tim Hightower but him and many generations may come and go before we see Edge’s career production again, I appreciate it at least as much as the Colts.

In defense of our OLine they have been conditioned to go backwards and pass block rather than forward and run block for the better part of 2 seasons. We have a legendary HOF QB and RB in the Playoffs for the Arizona Cardinals.

Yes I got Whiz’s back but I have my own thoughts like wouldn’t it had been better to abandon the fullback power running game to a single back offense like Edge played in Indy for record breaking career than to the empty backfield we have now. Edge can still catch out of the backfield and the smush like no other with great vision. He knows when to give a hit or not.

My criticism of Edge is he has conditioned himself for a long career. He has had this day in mind from his 1st carry in the NFL. He is proud of his longevity and takes pride in the OJ Anderson footprint. But this is toward the end now it is time leave everything on the field save nothing for years to come. This is his future.

But then again the Cardinals have a Pro Bowl QB and 2 Pro Bowl receivers and 3,1000 yard receivers. Whiz has effectiveness at 3 different offensive systems and at least 2 defensive flex systems going into the playoffs. Atlanta does not see it coming. Whisenhunt and the team have something more to play for unlike the last month.