Cowher Definately Still On Jets Radar

Reports that Bill Cowher isn’t interested in the Jets as they’re currently structured might not be entirely accurate. ESPN reported on Tuesday that Cowher would not interview with the Jets, but a source inside the organization with knowledge of the team’s plans disputed parts of the report and said that Cowher is “receptive” to discussions. “We plan to speak with him,” the source said. “But there have been no discussion yet. We have gotten no indication from him that he would not take the position based on the front office power structure.” That structure was brought up during yesterday’s news conference announcing the firing of Eric Mangini when Jets owner Woody Johnson said he wouldn’t hire a coach who also wanted control over personnel. Any coach wanting control in that area, naturally, would be a threat to GM Mike Tannenbaum. “It’s too much,” Johnson said. “There’s no way, no way that you can do it, in my opinion, and really do it because you’re always relying on somebody else. You may think you have the power, but you can’t make those discerning decisions, there’s just too much work, and be a coach.” But the Jets source today said Tannenbaum, also an executive vice president, might be willing to relinquish some responsibilities.