2009 Pro Bowl Snubs

The 2009 Pro Bowl roster has been announced and while looking at this list, there are definately a few names who were missed off this list. I do understand that there always will be names missed out but looking at this roster, there are names that don’t even deserve to be on there.
Jets QB Brett Favre

If I hear one more “New York Brett” or anything like that, I am going to vomit. The NFL seems like it needs to survive on Mr Favre’s name and were the benefactor out of Brett coming out of retirement. I do understand that he does sell jerseys and trading cards etc but does his stats really stack up to make the Pro Bowl? The answer is no. Lets look at the same division as Mr “Wrangler” and look at Dolphins quarterback Chad Pennington. The division-rivals Jets and Dolphins have the same 9-5 record. But Pennington has a better passer rating (95.1 to Favre’s 86.5), fewer interceptions (6 to Favre’s 17, yes, 17) and more passing yards (3,218 vs. Favre’s 3,052). The two are just about even on completion percentage, but Favre has more TD passes (21 to Pennington’s 14). I do understand that last season the Jets and the Dolphins were both bad teams but the Dolphins had only one win and Mr Pennington pretty much brought this team from last to first in the conferance in just one season after every season in New York, being put on the “soon to be released list” .

Dolphins RB Ronnie Brown

Lets stay in the AFC East and look at Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown being selected to his first Pro Bowl after coming off an injury plagued season. Brown has been the catalyst of the “Wild Cat” offense often playing quarterback and wideout with 24 receptions and 827 rushing yards. So if he doesn’t deserve to be in there then who does? AFC East running back rival Marshawn Lynch. Lynch has rushed again for over 1.000 yards with 47 receptions ( yes that’s 23 more receptions as Brown) and has been in the shadow of Adrian “Purple Jesus” Peterson in the 2007 draft class but is making a bad team in Bufffalo look decent with his remarkable ability to stay upright breaking as many as 3 tackles a carry at times.

Bills Tackle Jason Peters

I promise you all that the AFC East is not the theme of this article but looking at the selection of Bills offensive tackle Jason Peters to his second Pro Bowl, Im going to have to scratch my head and ask myself what has Peters done this season? He held out of training camp for a new contract which pretty much put himself first before the team which that alone doesn’t deserve a nomination. He also plays for the same team that ranks 14th in rushing and 23rd in sacks allowed and is one of the most flagged players in the league so how the heck does he get nominated to the Pro Bowl when someone like Broncos’ rookie Ryan Clady, who has allowed only half a sack for a team ranked fifth in rushing and third in passing gets left of this list? This Pro Bowl pick is going to cause nothing but trouble already for a Bills organization that is without a GM because Peters is going to stomp his feet louder now because he now has back to back Pro Bowl nominations even those this season was not merited.

Chargers TE Antonio Gates

There is no denying that San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates is one of the best tight end’s in this league and will be for years to come but this season he is coming off his worst season yet but that still gives him a pass to Hawaii. Lets look at one of the most underated tight ends who is having the best season of his career in Texans tight end Owen Daniels. Daniels has had a very quiet season with 60 receptions, for 714 yards while Gates has 53 receptions for 612 yards. I think one of the determining factor for the Gates pick must have been the six touchdowns which is 4 more than Daniels but I think with the Texans expecting to struggle while Daniels is one of the few shining lights for this offense with Andre Johnson and Steve Slaton while Gates has a plethera of talent on the offensive side of the Chargers. Im also going to throw Dallas Clark in there, who is the security blanket for Peyton Manning and pretty much one of the only reasons that this Colts team made the playoffs.

Patriots WR Wes Welker

The nomination of Wes Welker is pretty puzzling when the reciever that lines up to him is named Randy Moss. Randy Moss was robbed by his own teammate, Welker catches a lot of short passes and makes plays after the catch. He set a NFL record by recording at least six catches per game in the first 11 games of the season. The reason this is possible is that Randy Moss lines up on the other side and scares opposing defenses into dropping multiple players into coverage. Welker has 102 catches to Moss’s 66 catches. Despite that, Moss has only 163 less yards and eight more touchdowns. Welker averages 10.5 yards per catch to Moss’s 13.8.

Redskins RB Clinton Portis

There is no denying that Clinton Portis started off very very strong leading the league in rushing at one point but he has lost a little bit of his edge the past few games before his week 12 performance and another player Bears running back Matt Forte who is a rookie has picked up that ball and has ran with it but still he didn’t get a selection despite being third in the NFL with 1,539 yards from scrimmage, If the Pro Bowl voters were to compare touchdowns like they did with Gates versus Daniels then lets look at Forte scoring 11 touchdowns while Portis has reached the endzone only 7 times. There rushing yards are almost identical with Portis rushing for 1,544 yards while Forte has 1,539 yards on a Bears team that has there identity on defense and not on offense. I think for Forte only being in his rookie season and not having such a good offensive line as Washington, he should have got the final nomination over Portis.

Redskins FB Mike Sellers

Let’s stay with the Washington Redskins and I know Redskin fans will not like me for this but how did Mike Sellers make the Pro Bowl over Giants fullback Madison Hedgecock? Hedgecock is the blocker for the number 1 rushing attack in the league while the Redskins rank number 8. There is no denying the ability of Mike Sellers but for this season this nod should have went to Hedgecock.

Giants DE Justin Tuck

I totally understand that the New York Giants have a great defense considering what has been dealt to them but the nomination of Justin Tuck over Falcons defensive end John Abraham really baffles me. Looking at Abraham who has been solid ever since coming to Atlanta, has 15.5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles while Tuck has 12 sacks and 3 forced fumbles on a very good Giant defense. Abraham has done everything he can do to make the Pro Bowl and has been played with injuries all season and hasn’t complained once and this is definately a huge snub.

Bucs LB Derrick Brooks

Its hard to put the future Hall of Famer into this list but to tell me that Derrick Brooks has been picked over Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby really is a shame. Dansby, who plays mostly in a 4-3 scheme, lacks eye-opening stats, but his 102 tackles, three sacks, two interceptions and four passes defended reflect his overall impact on the game. Dansby, who is extremely underated has 39 more tackles than Brooks which really tells me that voters go on name value alone with this selection.

Panthers ILB Jon Beason

There is no denying that the Carolina Panthers have a standout middle linebacker in Jon Beason but his Pro Bowl selection definately raises a few eye brows. Beason definately is having a huge seaosn with 108 tackles and 1 interception but there is one middle linebacker in this league who didn’t make the vote who got robbed and that is Redskins middle linebacker London Fletcher. Fletcher has 1 forced fumble and 118 tackles and is one of the most underated players in this league and has been for years. While in Buffalo Fletcher should have made atleast 2 or 3 Pro Bowls but the voters picked Ray Lewis who didnt have good seasons back then so it has been very unfortunate that Fletcher is not getting his due. Another mention should be Buccaneers inside linebacker Barrett Ruud who has 117 tackles this season and is having a great season.

Giants Kicker John Carney

Minnesota Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell definately got snubbed while Giants kicker John Carney got the nomination.  The Vikings kicker is a perfect 5-for-5 on field goals of 50 yards or longer, while John Carney didn’t even attempt one.