Can Romo Save The Cowboys?

By Brian Harrington

The Dallas Cowboys have lost two of the last three games and many fans of the Cowboys blame this on the fact that there starting quarterback Tony Romo has not played due to an injured finger. But is this the reason that “America’s team“went from first to third in a matter of weeks? There is not denying that Tony Romo is definitely an upgrade over Brad Johnson and Brooks Bollinger and the mere thought of Romo to Roy Williams should excite Cowboy fans.

The mere fact that if this team had a legitimate backup quarterback then they would have definitely won the Rams game and would have only lost one game out of three and even with Romo they probably still would have lost to the Giants. Do I plan the management for not going out there and signing someone like Chris Simms or Daunte Culpepper? Or what about trading for someone like JP Losman from Buffalo or Rex Grossman from Chicago? They definitely didn’t mind trading for a troubled player like Pacman so I definitely think they should have made a move for a credible backup.

When the Cowboys acquired Roy Williams from the Lions, this meant for the first time in years the Cowboys finally have a legitimate number 2 wide out next to Terrell Owens who is not getting any young. With all due respect to Miles Austin and Patrick Crayton I don’t think they could have done what Williams did in Detroit and that’s making any quarterback look somewhat good in Detroit and have more than 50 receptions a season something Williams has done in 3 out of the 5 seasons.

This weekend’s game against the Redskins will be a huge test against Romo and the skins will not welcome him back with open arms rather than the number 4 total defense in this league and the number 8 passing defense. The reports are that Romo and Williams have been practicing a lot when Romo can and they already have a good off the field chemistry but we still have no seen how good they will be on the field but then again as I said Roy Williams made Jon Kitna and Joey Harrington look ok and Romo has already established himself as a good quarterback already so I am expecting a good turn around for this Cowboys offense while there defense is already starting to play in a good rhythm.